Thursday, January 22, 2009

CHUCK in 3-D Plus Other Odds

You guys know that when CHUCK returns, they're airing it in 3-D, right? Thanks to Selena, I have a site where you can see where to pick up a pair of glasses:

As if CHUCK wasn't fun enough, now we've got things poppin' out at us!

Also, the Oscar noms were announced this morning, and I'd just like to say that the Academy has done something I thought they'd never accomplish: they got me to not want to watch the show. I've told you before that my family and I used to get Chinese food, fill out ballots, and make it a major deal. Last year I barely cared. This year I'm actively insulted. I know there are people out there who thought THE DARK KNIGHT was no biggie, but it was the only movie I've watched in a long time that really got to me--and not just because it was a "comic book movie." It takes some talent to present an epic blockbuster and to have the audience realize at some point that the story isn't just about Batman versus the Joker; this movie reflects the world we now live in through allegory far better than a lot of the other "important" movies out there. This morning, I despise Hollywood.

Also, I'm two discs away from finishing the first season of SUPERNATURAL. Funny how TV has far surpassed a great deal of feature films, IMHO.


Barrie said...

And to think I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Barrie! Not everyone loves the movie like I do, but I was really taken by it. :)