Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Is It That I Wasn't Watching SUPERNATURAL from Day One?

Good gosh--I can't believe that I'm just starting to watch SUPERNATURAL on the season one DVD collection. The first couple of episodes seemed familiar, so I think I was initially on board with the series, but for some reason I dropped it. Why?

* Could it be because I love urban legends and the series does a fun job of "flipping" them (in other words taking the concept and spinning them in a different direction)? Couldn't be.

* Or maybe I'm totally into the back-road settings, which make me feel like going on my own scary road trip. Nah.

* Perhaps the hunkaliciousness of the two lead guys had something to do with my tuning out. Um, no.

I just have to chalk it up to too many programs that I was watching at the time or...something.

BTW, did you all see the first BATTLESTAR GALACTICA of the year? HOLY DUALLA!!! My heart is breaking. However, the awesome is on full force, and I'm going to be mighty upset when the finale airs.


Selena Illyria said...

I know! I just started watching it after everyone around me kept saying how good it was or how HOT the guys were so I gave it a try and love it. Now I just have to start at the beginning. *sigh*

I need to re-watch BSG from the beginning.

Celise said...

That is so EFFING cool that you're on board with SUPERNATURAL! Yay! Aren't those Winchester boys delicious? I think Sam (Jared) got a little bulkier this season. He's lookin' mighty fine.

My hubby likes this one, too. Sometimes they're freaky, sometimes they're funny...I especially love all the names they come up with when they're investigating. That's the funny part. LOL. I hope you like it and end up doing the Recaps for this show, too.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Selena, I know what you mean--it'll take me ages to catch up to where the series is now, but I don't want to skip ahead. However, I did hear some of what's been happening with the Winchester brothers lately, and I'm bummed that I've been spoiled. It gives me insight about the pilot, though, where that creepy, mysterious "shhh"ing guy was standing by Sam's crib. Yikes.

Celise, yay, I know! LOL. I'm so happy I listened to you and others. And Sam gets buff? Oh, I don't know if I can take it. Seriously. It's enough for me to get through an episode without drooling right now....

You know, when I catch up with the series, maybe I *will* do recaps. It would be so very fun. Maybe I'll even do recaps after I finish each DVD season. We'll see! ;)

Stephanee said...

Gee Chris, I thought for sure you would be watching this series from the get go. I have never missed an episode and this season is soooo good, wait til you catch up. The writers are really creative. Sometimes it's funny and campy, sometimes almost too scary and graphic but always an excellent escape and I love the music too. Sam's character has really changed this season physically and emotionally, but Dean's moody and angsty is still my fave.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Stephanee!!! I know...I can't believe it, either, LOL. I'm so excited about catching up with this series. I'm *almost* done with season one. And re: what Celise said about the names Dean and Sam use when they're investigating. "Ford and Hamill." Hee!