Thursday, January 01, 2009

How to Start a New Year

Long ago, I got tired of going out for New Years Eve, and when I moved near Vegas, I was even more certain that it wasn’t worth encountering drunk drivers just to count down the last part of a year in a random place. (Hi, I’m New Years Scrooge.)

So, like a lot of other people out there, I decided that the night would be perfect to pig out and have a movie marathon. Seriously, this is my idea of an awesome time now.

Oddly enough, I realized that last year’s choice of a main feature movie, SUPERBAD, couldn’t have been more prophetic for 2008, overall. (It was a good year personally, but across the board, not so good.) That’s why I decided to be more careful about what I featured this year.

Hence, I started the marathon with EQUILIBRIUM, which I hope will encapsulate 2009—a return of balance. Also, I chose it because I heard Christian Bale takes his shirt off, and any time I can see that is an excellent time. Except in THE MACHINIST, but that’s a whole other blog entry.

EQUILIBRIUM is a futuristic tale about a post WWIII society that has taken away human feeling by prescribing an emotion-leveling drug. Bale plays a “cleric,” a top government enforcer who sees that the rules aren’t broken…until he misses his own dosage. It’s part THE GIVER (one of the best books ever, whether you’re looking at YA or adult novels), part THX-1138, part THE MATRIX, and all about Christian Bale taking his shirt off, which is, in itself, very much enough to recommend it. But I liked this movie for more than that. It has a lot of suspense, twists, and my God, there are some fight scenes that put the MATRIX sequels to shame. In particular, there’s one within the first fifteen minutes that kicked my butt. Bale is such a hot rockin’ stud.

After EQUILIBRIUM was over, I popped in RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, the horror sequel to SLEEPAWAY CAMP, which is a total scary masterpiece. (I’m really not kidding. That movie still disturbs the crap out of me.) This flick was merely okay, as it didn’t come close to living up to the original. I didn’t really expect it to, actually, because the first one was…. Well, there are no words except these. Still, part 2 had some pretty creative killings, if that’s why you watch scary movies.

The next movie, STEP BROTHERS, was never shown, because TERMINATOR was on ION and the lure of it was impossible to resist.

Anyway, here’s hoping for a balanced year for all of us. May the movie marathon predict the year accurately once again—but with better results this time!


Celise said...

I don't remember how I heard about EQUILIBRIUM but like you, I was knocked. out. by the fight scenes. Particularly the one if that tiny little room. It's like his arms were robot arms and they were just...moving. Fabulous movie. My hubby loved it.

And yes. Any time one gets to see Christian's abs, it's all good. I'm hoping to see some action this year in TERMINATOR: SALVATION. You do know he's playing John Connor, right?

So, I need to jump OT for a moment and talk about HEROES. I had a marathon this evening and watched the episodes I'd missed (from as far back as 11-24). So, tell me. All I want to know is...when is when is the Super Bowl and when will it be over? Because that's when the gang's coming back. LOL.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise! Yes--that was the best fight scene, although most of them were great. But that one... Yow.

I am *so* looking forward to T:S. Really, the only reason I'm excited about it is that I think Bale brings a lot of credibility to the project. Otherwise, I'd be like, "Meh." But he's looking pretty skinny; I like him beefed up a bit. :)

Superbowl is 2/1. HEROES is 2/2. Did you like the episodes in the marathon?

Celise said...

Surprisingly enough, I did. Peter was stepping up to the plate and I liked the fact that the Haitian took out his evil brother. I hate hearing about stuff like what he'd been doing. Elle and Sylar getting intimate was a little...odd. She really went through a lot to deceive him. Felt bad about Claire's biological Mom and I liked when they went back to when she was a baby. In situations like that, when you're confronted with your former self, I assumed that always changed things moving forward. In all the movies I've seen, interacting with your former self was never a good thing. But I guess it turned out different this time.

Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. Together. In the same show. LOVED IT. Hah! I was flashing back to CLUELESS (even though Seth wasn't in that movie)Is it me or has Seth's flaming red hair been tamed to a dull roar of reddish brown?

Glad Arthur is dead. Kudos to Peter for having the guts to pull the trigger. Nathan is a freakin' ass and totally pissed me off. Isn't it the pot calling the kettle black with the whole "round them up and then lock them up" thing? I guess he conveniently forgot that he has those same powers, too. Gah!

So, the next part is supposed to be about fugitives, I guess? Does that mean all of our heroes are going to be in hiding or on the run? And I so want Peter to have a love interest again. I was liking the whole interracial thing with Simone. :)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Cool, Celise. Actually, I haven't noticed Seth's hair color, but it doesn't jump out at me, so I guess that does say something.

Yeah, I don't know where Nathan gets off. He's become such a tool.

Simone would be interesting if she were a baddie!