Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reasons I Have Fallen for SUPERNATURAL

I’ve finished that first season of SUPERNATURAL, and I thought I really should list the reasons I’ve fallen head over heels for this show.

1.As a writer, I’m really impressed with how everything comes together on a storytelling level. This show's a prime example of how to use the Hero’s Journey as a template (After all, it’s no secret that the Brothers Winchester are “Han Solo and Luke Skywalker on a road trip from hell.”). Also, the creators approach urban legends and American folklore in a fresh way, twisting and turning the stories so that we're not quite sure we knew the tales so well in the first place. And the tone? Love. In each episode, we’re shown a weirded-out version of our country's underbelly—the cabins in the woods, the slumber party boo-fests, the tales that defined our childhood and warped the heck out of us. Then those preconceptions are turned on their heads, just as the tales are. Also, I’m happy to see that both the “freak of the week” elements and the mythology are equally strong in SUPERNATURAL. With some shows, one can outshine the other--IMHO, THE X-FILES had amazing “freak of the week” stand-alones (I count among them the truly appalling Mayberry cannibal brothers who played that creepy Johnny Mathis song in their car. Ahhhhh!). But, for me, the mythology episodes weren’t the best ones, especially since the entire X-FILES puzzle was never really solved. SMALLVILLE is the opposite: the show is at its best when it concentrates on Superman’s mythology, and the “freak of the week”s don’t live up to the excitement of seeing Clark become the Man of Steel. However, SUPERNATURAL does a masterful job of twining both elements together, using its mythology to bolster the stand-alone mysteries.

2.As a scary movie lover, I’m totally into the "boo" factor. Loved the takes on Bloody Mary and the Scarecrow/”The Lottery.” And I was very pleasantly surprised by the episode in which Dean is cured from certain death by the faith healer. I didn’t expect them to cover that subject--it seemed rather off-limits--but that episode was sensitive and compelling.

3.As a girl, I like me some Winchester.

4.The pace is always quick, with the right amounts of action and emotion. I’ve really come to care about the brothers and their relationship to Crazy Pa. There are some interesting dynamics happening (especially since you can see on Dean’s face that he already knew Sam was daddy’s fave, even before that nasty-ass demon taunted him with the truth). It’s a great thing when you feel you already know the characters but they keep surprising you. (And, Dean, I adore you!)

4.Sam in a towel.

5.The writers had the awesome juevos to end the season on a screaming cliffhanger, with the Winchester Impala decimated by that truck-driver demon. Holy black eyes!!! I admire when the writers and producers have guts enough to make me yell at the a good way.

6.Lest we forget, there is this:

I have to take a little break from SUPERNATURAL watching for THREE WHOLE WEEKS, but then I’m all over season two. Oh, man. I’m almost crying because…THREE. WHOLE. WEEKS.

Damn you, Winchesters! Damn you! (Love!)


Stephanee said...

Yeah, I had forgotten the really scary Scarecrow ep. That one wigged me out for awhile. I won't give it away but the cliffhanger from season 3 was unbelievable. I kept thinking for weeks afterward there was no way the writers could continue or how they would open season 4, but thankfully they did and it was worth waiting through the summer for.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Eeee--I can't wait to see it! I think I know what that cliffhanger is about, and if it is, I can't imagine how much yelling I'll be doing at the a good way. :)

If I'm lucky, maybe I'll be caught up with the series in time for the season 4 cliffhanger....

ddurance said...

Oh girl, don't get me started! LOL
Am amazing paranormal storyline and two of the most amazing hotties ever. What could be better? The answer my dear is, practically nothing. LOL


Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL, Deidre, and great to see you! I'm counting down until I can start season two....