Sunday, January 11, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours, Part 3,008

I'm currently knee-deep in writing the first book in my new BLOODLANDS series for Ace (the paranormal SHANE meets MAD MAX noir--I added that last word just recently because the mystery is stronger than I suspected it would be--yay! That's a cool thing.). I hope to be blogging about things that are "filling my well" as I go along, just as I used to do with the first Vampire Babylon book.

For now, though, I'll start by saying that when it rains it pours. I've noted this before, but it's just funny how the motto never loses relevance. Just as I'm really getting into the groove of BLOODLANDS, along comes work for other books that'll be released this year. I received one line edit (the copy an author receives after the copy editors have gone over it). Then came a second line edit. Then a third delivery, but this one was an author alteration copy (also called a "galley," which is how the manuscript looks before it goes to print. The writer gets one more chance to alter the content.). Yow!

So, for several days, I've got to go away from BLOODLANDS and get my mind in these other stories. But that's life. That's how it always happens. The publishers have a schedule, just like I do, and it's up to me to put aside days to address the work, because I know the copies are coming. It's just that stepping away from the story you're totally immersed in is...GAH!!!

Talk to you this week, you all. :)


blackroze37 said...

when will you start having you blog contests?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, blackroze! I don't often have blog contests here, but I'll announce whenever I'm guesting on another blog. (In fact, I blog at NINC monthly and give away a book. My next appearance is Jan. 26th, so enter there! I'll post as a reminder. I have to tell you your chances are good for winning there because not a lot of people comment.) I also have a contest always running at the site.