Tuesday, February 03, 2009

CHUCK and HEROES, 2/2/09

They're baaaa-ack!

It's been a long wait...even though the last episodes aired in December. Still, it seems like forever when you're wondering what the heck Chuck, Sara, Casey, and the heroes have been up to. So let's see, shall we?


First off, I must tell you that I didn't get a hold of those 3-D glasses. Is it just me or were they pretty hard to find? Anyway, I can't comment on the 3-D effects, but that's a good thing, because the episode still worked awesomely without the gimmicky stuff to carry it. In fact, I was even thinking that NBC is foolish for the programming decision to air a sub-par episode of THE OFFICE after the Superbowl instead of this CHUCK episode. Now, I love THE OFFICE, but even its most loyal fans would have to admit that this last episode was not its strongest. If I'd never seen the series before, it wouldn't have persuaded me to ever watch it again. However, this CHUCK episode had it all: 3-D to draw in the kids, a lingerie-clad Sara for the guys, and a rocked-out hobbit for all the geeks. Oh, and it was funny. Soooooo funny. If NBC had wanted CHUCK's audience to grow, this would've been the perfect opportunity. (No wonder NBC's ratings are in the toilet with these kinds of programming decisions, huh?)

On to the best of the rest:

* I love how the episode begins with the "big issue" from the December cliffhanger. Way to check in with continuity and not keep the true blue fans in suspense any longer!

* The clock on the bottom of the screen, counting down the grenade, was sweet.

* Yay for Dancing Lil' Spy Man bopping out to CHUCK's theme song. How I've missed you lil' man! I do my dance and everything.

* OMG--a hobbit, Chuck, and Willy Wonka all combined.

Since there are way too many great lines/moments, I must list the greatest of the great:

* "Chuck, this isn't a dream. This is a nightmare."
* Rock star metabolism
* The Molly Ringwald underpants challenge
* "I'm a man. For God's sakes, I'M A MAN!"
* Chuck's accent, disappearing or not
* The urinal cake
* "I'm losing con-swesh-nez..."
* "You know my name. We've made love before."

Last comment: I'm surprised Chuck came out with his concern about Sara shooting the man so soon. I like how they got straight to the heart of the matter and have decided to let Chuck develop from there, because it's fertile ground for continued conflict. Chuck does seem pretty isolated now.

In short--welcome back, my lovely CHUCK!


I'd heard a lot of flack about this chapter before it even aired, but I actually thought this new chapter was more interesting and focused than the norm.

* Good start with that awesome Russian-named guy--Zeljko Something? I'll always remember him from BLACK HAWK DOWN, but he was great in DAMAGES and TRU BLOOD, too.

* Hah--Ando's costume! Ando-cycle!

* I like how the former heroes have channeled their need to save via other endeavors--Hiro as oracle and Peter as a paramedic.

* "Sylar is dead." Surely Mama isn't that silly.

* Okay, why did I think Mohinder had lost his powers?

* Second okay--for some reason, I thought Peter was done with absorbing powers. It's been a long time since December, I guess.

And...that's all, really. I'm a tad confused about the technicalities, but the episode moved well, and that ending action scene was good.

So until next week, have fun!


Selena Illyria said...

Chuck, I heart that show sooo much! I didn't get the 3D glasses either. I'm wondering now if they'll include both the 3D and non 3D episodes in the box set. I hope so, oh and I'm hoping they include the glasses as well. I was surprised too when he just came out and told Sara but I'm glad he did. I a way it's showing that he does trust her. Oh God, the hobbit, LOL! This episode was superb, if it had aired after the Super Bowl I would have tried my damnedest to stay up and watch. Boo to NBC for dropping a perfectly good opt for Chuck.

Heroes it was okay, better than last season, but it still needs a lot of work. You're right it was focused. Out of all them, Sylar came off the most interesting with his ability to fight off the bad guys. Two, Parkman, how did he... When did he... Did they just change up his power?

Ando-cycle so cute. Hiro, poor guy, give him back his powers.

Other than that, I say they can do better but there are still some things I have issues with. We'll see how it goes.

Have you seen Leverage on TNT? Are you excited about Dollhouse?

Celise said...

I still need to watch HEROES, but I liked CHUCK too. We got the glasses, but they sucked. I'm not sure why they did it in 3-D. If it had been an action-packed movie where things were being blown up and pieces were flying all over the place, then, then the glasses would've made it awesome. Instead, they just made my eyes hurt.

So....how is your viewing of the Winchester brothers coming along? Are you still in? Do you still like it?

Have you heard about the show DOLLHOUSE? Are you planning on watching it?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, you two!

First off, yes--I'm totally excited about DOLLHOUSE. I'm so there. :)

Selena, I have no idea about Parkman. I guess he channels the turtle/white-eye guy now?
I haven't seen LEVERAGE. Do you like it?

Celise, that stinks about the 3D. And I won't be able to watch more SUPERNATURAL until a couple more weeks. Gah! But when I'm able to sit down and continue the marathon, I know I'm going to be so very happy.