Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Awesome! As in Captain Awesome. He has returned, and I am happy. As for HEROES? Gotta tell you that I drifted off and I missed the last fifteen minutes. Ooops.


* An ALF shirt! On little Morgan! And how great was the kid who played the young Chuck, even though he was in shadow? (Also, it's good to see that Chuck has always been a hero. We should have known that. :) )

* LOL about the stalking and the Stalk-N-Van. Okay, I shouldn't be laughing at all, but still. Funny.

* It's the Captain himself! Missed you and your open towel, dude.

* "Still...could be her brother."

* From the back of Captain Awesome when he was chatting with Chuck in Chuck's room, I thought he was wearing a puka shell necklace. But, alas, it was not the case when we got a front view. Isn't Captain Awesome the perfect puka candiate though?

* OH GOD--Jeffster! will be the band from hell. Please tell me we get to hear them at the wedding.

* "I'm settin' up to rock you hard."

* I'll bet shirtless Captain Awesome can make angels cry.

* Awwwww...did you see that smile on Chuck when he found Morgan in the trunk?

* Heh!!! Toto's "Africa." Admit it--you got all grinny when Jeffster! hit the chorus, too.

* "Anna Woo, I lu(huh)like you...."

* Hand holding with Chuck and Sarah. A moment of squee for me.


* First twenty minutes: we have people basically sitting around and talking (even in HRG's memories). Shouldn't these revelations be more exciting?

* In black and white, the hunter guy looks like Nosferatu.

And...yikes. That's all I wrote for HEROES. Sorry.

I'm coming to the end of Supernatural, season 2 (three episodes away from the finale), so I'll be giving you my thoughts on that soon. Then I'm diving into season 3 because I've got to catch up before this current season ends! Winchesters for-evah!


Celise said...

I shouldn't be here, seeing as how I've missed Chuck. I have a question for and it has nothing to do with tv shows.

You write a series and it seems like a new one comes out every year. Are you constantly writing? Are you a pretty fast writer? Are you basically working on two projects at once? Do you do anything in between to keep the interest in the series alive?

I write YA and I'm working on my first series. Book One comes out in Oct of this year and my goal is to publish one every year (I'm going the non-traditional route). But I don't write that fast and it seems to me that I would be writing ALL time. And that's not possible, seeing as how I have an FT job. I just wanted to know how you do it.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise!
Congrats on your first book coming out! You're going to have to tell us about it here!!!

Yeah, I write all the time, with occasional breaks for travel. It's my full time job, but I'm a single girl and I don't have to get dinner on the table for anyone except me, LOL. And I do write quickly--a chapter per day when I'm in the rough draft stage. Most of my time is consumed by revision/filling holes, etc. As for working on two projects at once, I pretty much devote myself to one, but there's always a line edit or proofing copy coming in, so I have to put my mind in limbo to pay attention to those. Otherwise, I eat, drink, and sleep the project I'm working on.

re: keeping interest in the series alive--I just maintain the web sites and hope that monthly newsletters and contests keep readers engaged. I've done a novella for an anthology for Vampire Babylon, and I hope that it pulled in more readers. Other than that...nope.

I used to write while I kept a full time teaching job. Basically, I wrote every weekend and kicked butt during vacation time. That left me with no days off, and I was absolutely exhausted. It's a tough haul, so I told myself that if I ever sold three books in one year, I'd quit and pursue writing full time. Well, I sold those three books, so I owed it to myself to follow up on my promise. So far, it's worked (knock on wood).

What are your long term plans? Do you ever see yourself becoming a full time writer?

Celise said...

Yes! I would love to be an FT writer! Can't afford to do it right now. I'd also like to open a non-profit writing center for teens and just run that FT (just got accepted into school for that. See most recent post) So...wow. Okay. If I'm really going to stick to the goal of getting a book out every year, I'm going to have to learn to buckle down more.

I have my own publishing company, where I publish my own books. So I'm doing everything myself. But I just recently opened submissions for teens, ages 13-18. So, I might have to re-think that goal.

I have two more questions, so please feel free to contact me through email if you don't want to answer here. You said that you do monthly newsletters and contests. How often do you do the contests? What do you give away? I WAS doing monthly author newsletters, but switched to quarterly because nothing new was really happening with me. LOL. I felt like I was writing about the same old thing. Maybe I need to mix it up or something.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise--wow! Your goals are absolutely awesome. I love what you're doing. The school *and* your own publishing company *and* writing *and* having a family! That's amazing.

As for newsletters, I've been providing a hint about what's going to happen in the next Vampire Babylon book every time. Just a little mini-spoiler for anyone who cares to know. With contests, I offer bigger prizes for the months I have a books coming out (and the month before--but it seems like I have books coming out all the time lately, LOL). Normally, I pick things up at Comic Con, like Neko manga prints and Pullip dolls. I always offer a pile of books, too, always including at least one of my own.

You've got so much going on!