Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Here I am, just about to write the last chapter of the first BLOODLANDS book for Ace (the post-apocalyptic urban fantasy). It should be a short scene, but it's an important one. So...I'm gearing up.

Then I'll be polishing that sucker and getting it in before its March 15 deadline. What a relief to know that I have plenty of time with it.

Afterward, it'll be time to hop into the sixth Vampire Babylon book, DEEP IN THE WOODS. It'll round out the London trilogy, which starts with A DROP OF RED (book four, March 3) and continues with THE PATH OF RAZORS (book five, August).

Meanwhile, I do worry about all this news about book distributors going under and interuptions in the delivery schedule to stores. I worry about the state of the industry itself. But too much worry sucks so much energy out of a person, so I try not to worry, too.

Go with the flow, I guess, right? That's the only way to play it. :O

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