Thursday, February 26, 2009



Soooooooooo obsessed with this show right now. I am a puppy dog at my mail box, waiting for my next Netflix SUPERNATURAL DVD to be delivered. It's pathetic. What has my life been reduced to?

The second season is the same...but different. There's a lot of deeper stuff going on besides the first season's urban legend/folk tale layout. Now, the mythology is really coming into play, and it has delivered some extremely satisfying (and obsession-worthy) moments. There's a lot of characterization and, dare I say even a more mature brand of storytelling?

Yes, the season does include a retread of THE OTHERS/THE SIXTH SENSE with the episode about the ghost who doesn't know she's dead. But you know what? That episode was still awesome, and it went for broke on the emotional scale. And the episode with the female werewolf? That wasn't me getting a lump in my throat at the end when Sam had to kill her.

And I can't even tell you the highs and lows I experienced during the two-part finale. Sam. OH, SAM! And Dean's sacrifice? Give me more Kleenex! I couldn't believe what was happening, and major hats off to the writers, creative team, and actors for kicking ass here, having the juevos to go where they went. TV--hell, storytelling--doesn't get better than this: a mix of great action, pathos, and epic stakes.

I just watched the beginning of season three last night, and I have to say that I already hate Ruby and Bela. I don't know how long they're going to hang around, but I want Bela gone. When I found out Ruby was a black-eyed pea, I was more accepting of her, but I can't stand her smugness. Bring back Jo.

However, I have to say that Ruby does have a very functional part in the mythology--she can help Dean. Damn it, that means she's going to hang around.

I'll be back to report when I finish season three, which is way shorter because of the writer's strike. Then I've got lots of catching up on for season four....


Celise said...

I'm so glad I talked you into watching this show. It was me that told you about it, right? I'm pretty sure it was. Now you know why me and my hubby watch this show. He HATES Smallville--refuses to watch it now--but loves this show. And the female werewolf episode? I choked up a little bit, too. Although I SO wanted to rewind that love scene! Yow! You think the whole Dean's sacrifice episode made you reach for a couple of Kleenex? Wait 'til his time is up. You're going to want the whole box. Shame on me for the spoiler, but you KNOW it's going to happen. It's gotta happen.

And it's always interesting to see what "agent" names they'll come up with. I crack up every time they do that and manage to say it with a straight face! Love the music, too. Gotta love the 80's.

Yeah, I love me some Winchester Boys - Sam is my favorite.

Can't wait to hear your impression of Season 3

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yes, Celise, bless you for always telling me how awesome this show is!!! Or should I be blaming you for my addiction? Hmmmm. I think I'll be grateful. :)

I wish SMALLVILLE would just get on with Clark fully accepting his Superman. It's frustrating to watch him being all, "I'm TOTALLY going to save everyone from now on, and I'm going to like it!" and then going back to the whole, "I'm just a poor, reluctant guy with these major abilities. Aye, me." Just jump into those tights already. Oh, and somehow make Chloe into Lois Lane, since she used it as a pen name once, anyway.

Back to SN. OH MY GAWD--the love scene. But was there anyone else in it besides Jared Padalecki? I don't remember. I just recall abs, and arms, and...(fanning myself). Oh, my.

I'd already heard that Dean has to go to hell at the end of season 3. At least, I think I heard that. But it *is* inevitable. Unfortunately, I was also peeking at an episode during season 4 the other night (I couldn't help it!), and I saw the angels and heard Dean say something about them breaking him out of hell. Daggonit. But I'm totally excited to see it happen! I don't know how Sam will react.

Love the agent names!!! And the music. Everything works for me except for Ruby and Bela. (HATE.) I just watched the "Sin City" episode with the bartender demon who lured Dean down to her basement. I liked her and was kind of sad when Sam blew her away. Why are they killing off the interesting chick demons--like the one at the crossroads--and keeping Ruby and Bela? (HATE.)

I'm a Sam girl, too--especially with his developing bad side. There's just something so damned darling about Jared Padalecki's face. And...everything else. Although I wouldn't kick Dean outta bed fer eatin' crackers.

I should be done with season 3 Tuesday night...I hope. If Netflix comes through on time....

Celise said...

"But was there anyone else in it besides Jared Padalecki?"

Um, yeah. ME. LOL.

I wish Chloe was Lois, too, because the I don't really care for the girl that's playing her now.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

<<"But was there anyone else in it besides Jared Padalecki?"

Um, yeah. ME. LOL.>>
HEE!!! Too funny. Did you see FRIDAY THE 13th yet? I want to, but I haven't gotten around to it.

And, unfortunately, I feel like SMALLVILLE mishandled the Lois character. Lois isn't a clown, for heaven's sake. She can be funny, but she's got to have the intellectual curiosity that the SMALLVILLE Lois lacks in spades.