Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CHUCK, 3/30

Here's the thing: I fully intended to talk about CHUCK *and* HEROES, but HEROES put me to sleep. No joke. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Was it good or did the sleep injection equate to the show's return back to pre-Fuller form?

Anyway, here's CHUCK!

* Badass Trish Helfer is the "new Sarah"! Is she going to be in all my coolest programs? (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BURN NOTICE, SUPERNATURAL) Someone is totally going to say "frak" tonight.

* Casey likey.

* Yeah, Sarah! The girl gets fired and she goes right for the computer to help Chuck, looking up Bartowski, Sr. That's loyalty.

* "Xanadu!"

* Every guy should be as awesome as Awesome. He loves his Ellie.

* Porno gun sex, secret-agent-sight-gag style. I imagine Casey doesn't even mind that it's not real sex because this is *it* for him.

* I can't wait for Chuck's dad!

Well, there were no "frak"s that I could hear, but it was an episode that really moved things forward. Onward, CHUCK!


Selena Illyria said...

Honestly I was in and out of Heroes. As usual, for me the most interesting character remains to be Sylar. I am glad however to see Peter admit that he is angry, finally!

Claire wasn't so annoying this time, did she have bangs pre-Mexico? Can't remember. She actually helped Nathan, who as usual is sorry.

Next week we will finally get the scoop on Mama Petrelli and her origins.

*Sigh* Chuck, oooh, the wonderfulness.

Tricia's character was like a female Casey! Wow! LOL.

I adored that Casey admitted that Sara was his best partner. *sigh* Group Hug!

Sarah and Chuck moment at the end, heart melting, then door opening and no, no, no, you're interrupting, then OMG! Chuck's Dad. LOL

Awesome was just awesome! Can we clone him? I hope Ellie forgives him. I feel horrible that she thinks that something happened with the "stripper". I really, really hope that Ellie finds out.

I must watch the episode again.

Burn Notice! Michael *dreamy sigh* What did you think of the season finale? OMG! Right?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Selena!
I'm pretty sure Claire didn't have bangs pre-Mexico. And I would love to date an Awesome. It's bothering me that all Chuck has to do is look at those pictures and say, "Yeesh, Ellie, your fiance was passed out and these pix are fake." Gah!

BURN NOTICE is all kinds of fun. Can't wait for next season with all its Bruce Campbell goodness!

Selena Illyria said...


Yeah, he could say that but would she believe him? She's still angry sooo maybe when she's calmed down he could convince her. That and bringing home their dad goes a loooong way.

How funny was it that the General almost got seen by Awesome.lol

Sam, lol, I adore him and I'm in awe and scared of Fi. LOL