Thursday, March 05, 2009

CHUCK/(some)HEROES, 3/2/09

A couple days late, but I know a lot of you are watching these shows on delay, anyway....


Another funny episode bolstered by sweet emotion...and a new threat for Chuck.

* LOL for Sarah's expertise in cutting the Banana of Chuck's Horror.

* LOL for Big Mike's plummer talk.

* Love the BATTLESHIP POTEMPKIN/UNTOUCHABLES baby carriage set up in the elevator (baby in danger) with Casey and the Fulcrum guys. But instead of a baby in danger on a staircase, there be no baby in the carriage! Fun twist.

* Oh, oh--I sense a real rival for Sarah's affections here. This Brit superspy and Sarah had some electric banter going on, and he's a "dangerous spy guy," just like Bryce. Seriously, Chuck--watch out.

* Hah! Morgan's "low hangin' fruit." That. Was. Funny.

* Oh, man--the casting couch interviews. Lester and Jeff slay me more each week.

* Surely Sarah knows better than to spill Chuck's Intersect status in front of anyone whom she doesn't know inside and out....

* Yikes. The kiss with the Brit. Sarah was into it.

* Scary! Case de Chuck y Morgan. Can you imagine?

Another fun time was had! Keep it up, CHUCK.


Okay, honestly, I didn't watch very much of this episode. But there were a couple of things that caught my ear:

* Hee about "the bass player" in Def Leppard. Rick Savage, baby!

* Incorporating a great Fleetwood Mac song *might* win me over, HEROES. :) I liked how they used "The Chain."

And...that's all. Um, yeah. Sorry about that. Maybe there'll be more next week?

Until then, tune in for my comments about SUPERNATURAL, season 3....

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Unknown said...

I lovd the Chuck episode, too bad we can't keep Brit agent, but then again, Chuck shouldn't have too much competition.

The Chain got stuck in my head, love that song. Sylar was the only thing worth watching in the episode, everything else blah.