Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No CHUCK, no HEROES tonight, but I have caught up with the rest of you on SUPERNATURAL. (Unfortunately, I can’t watch Thursday’s new episode until next week. Dang!) Overall, I absolutely love almost everything about the direction of the series: the angels, the escalating conflict between Dean and Sam, the amount of crap that’s sure to hit the fan by the end of the season. But, as you guys know, the only element I don’t like at all is Ruby. I said in the comment section that she’s a demon, and demons are demons for a reason. Without totally blowing the entire concept of what a demon is, I’m not sure she can ever be “good,” and I’m pretty sure that she can’t be shoehorned into a true, root-for-her-because-she-deserves-Sam heroine’s mold. Then again, this show is awesome, and if any creative team can do the near impossible, SUPERNATURAL’s can. Yet, the alternative isn’t attractive to me, either: if she’s epically screwing with Sam’s mind, that would make Sam the world’s biggest chump, and I don’t want that to happen. In spite of all Sam’s shortcomings (hah—6’4” worth of “short”), I still adore him. I feel the same about Dean, and I hope he becomes that hero he’s never quite believed he truly is.

Also, I want to note that I thought the way they opened the season with Dean busting out of the pine box was awesome. Talk about getting straight into the action and pushing dramatic momentum. Wow. Sam’s become a real mystery, and it’s strange because I think that, when the series started, we were meant to relate to Sam as the “everyman.” This vicarious sensation has switched to Dean, and that’s pretty damned cool. But it also makes me, as a viewer, uncomfortable. A good kind of uncomfortable that’s going to compel me to watch every week.

BTW, our fantastic Selena posted entries for A DROP OF RED on her blogs. Check them out!!!

A heartfelt thank you, Selena. J


Celise said...

I thought that was pretty dramatic, too. At this point, I wish Sam would just tell Dean what he can do. I know Dean won't like it, but they're brothers! I'm glad you're all caught up.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, ITA! Dean's always been on Sam's side, even when he doesn't like what Sam's doing. They have always found a way to make things work out. Why not now? Why trust Ruby over Dean???