Saturday, March 28, 2009


I told you I wanted to start chatting more about SUPERNATURAL when I caught up with the series, so here I am. I was also behind on CHUCK and HEROES this week, so I apologize, since I was in New York. (Yee! That's another post.)

Here we go....


Just in general, it was a relief to see a funnier episode after last week's downer-fest (which was, BTW, an awesome episode. It's just hard to see Dean suffer so much and to have Sam continue driving me to drink.). Some highlights for me:

* Meet Dean Smith, American Psycho. (Anyone else think of Patrick Bateman?)

* Smith and Wesson. Perfect.

* So, I used to think Jared Padalecki's eyes were brown in seasons one and two...but lately, they look gray. Contacts? Lighting? Any theories?

* Who else gave an inappropriate laugh when the microwave "dinged" at the commercial break? Damn, I'm sick.

* Egads--a pencil in a neck! Methinks that SUPERNATURAL's the goriest program on TV. And, perversely, melikes.

* The references to "real life" ("I could use a beer," the flipflopping of Dean using "dude" while Sam uses "dick," Dean calling Sam "Sammy") is like a treasure hunt for fans.

* Um, what did I say about this being gory? Shee-it. That sliced in half body really upped the ante.

* LOL for the name checks: Bobby, Ellen (where art thou?), Jo, and Madison.

* Good heavens, without those jackets covering the Winchester torsos, the boys are obviously quite broad, yes? (Not that I haven't noticed before, but tonight's eppie made it easier to enjoy. Mr. Kripke, showgod, I hereby formally request fewer jackets in the future.)

* I'm glad the angels are trying to help Dean out, but give the guy some credit for surviving hell, why don't ya? Telling Dean that his life really is pretty good isn't really cool when, truly, Dean has been through the wringer.

And on to CHUCK, which provided a laugh-a minute....

* The MUMMY guy!!! He's hot. Did you guys ever watch RED SHOE DIARIES? He was in the bestest eppie ever: it featured a man and woman who had offices in buildings opposite each other, so they could see through each other's windows. They had this naughty flirting thing where they'd fax over dares, and it was SMOKIN'. Yow. I am temporarily unable to think, so I must pause.

And...back to the recap.

* This is gonna be good--here are some rival Buy More employees from Bev Hills. Inspired and definitely a bit bitchy. Go Burbank!

* Jeff's office is gross yet amazing. Totally appropriate.

* Alternate title for this episode: "How Some Idgit Geeks Almost Frakked up the World." It's the IQ challenged version of WAR GAMES.

(BTW, since Bobby on SUPERNATURAL used the word "idgit" recently, I am in love with it and must employ it whenever possible.)

* Hah! Vintage BATTLESTAR GALACTICA spotlight for Mummy Guy as he faces his superiors!!!

* "I'll be turning tricks again by the end of the week."

* Too many funny things to mention during the Buy More break-in scene, but one of them includes, "Mother? Mother?" (Lester was ON tonight.)

* Big Mike and Mama are makin' it to Air Supply. Poor, poor scarred Morgan.

God, that was highly enjoyable.


* Good to see the show embracing Suresh's dumb streak again as the hunter effortlessly captures the idgit.

* LOL for Hiro, Ando, and Touch and Go Baby's ET moment in the closet.

* When that ATM spit out the money and message, I am reminded of Micah--and then he shows up! Awesome! But I'm freaked out that he now speaks three octaves lower than he used to.

* Damn, that's a cute baby. Child is cracking me up all over the place.

* I love that Micah is Rebel. I didn't expect that.

* Totally funny how that baby is gulping down his milk like a blue-collar worker after a hard haul. That rugrat is a scene stealer.

* Awwww about Daphne. That death was well done. I do actually care that she's gone.

So, for next week, let us hope that CHUCK brings it as wonderfully as usual, that HEROES keeps bringing it harder, and that Sam doesn't bring it to that demon woman I saw in the previews. (I swear, Sam's issues are going to send me from wine to vodka right quick.)

See you soon!


Selena Illyria said...

NY do tell, do tell!

Can I also ask for shirtless scenes? Cause um...*gurgle*

Sorry where was I?

I missed that RSD eppy! Ack. Must get it.

I adore Arnold Vasloo. He needs to come back, me likey him as a bad guy. :-). He was awesome on Veritas, I miss that show. :-(

LMAO! That was so horrifying and funny. Then Sara rushing into the boys room after Chuck and Casey. LOL

What did you think of Orion? I hope he's not dead. I would have loved to know who he is.

Heroes was improved verily. I thought it was Micah. I hope that means that Monica is coming back.

I have to admit the Tracey scene freezing everyone, that was cool. Not cool her getting shot in the chest by Hunter. I actually liked her in that moment. Micah makes her *Gasp* human.

It's nice to see Hiro as, well, Hiro, he's been sorely missed.

I actually want to see more Heroes. *Grin*

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Selena! Oh, yes, you'll love that RED SHOES DIARY eppie. I miss the entire series....

I'd love to see Vasloo back, and I also think Orion isn't quite dead. The guy seemed too smart to go out that way.

And seeing Monica come back to HEROES would be great, too. After all, she and Micah were previously seen hanging out together. She could very well still be with him!

Selena Illyria said...

It's a great series. :-)

I hope so. I'm sooo curious to see who this guy is. Although, next time he sends a computer to Chuck maybe he should send it to Chuck's home address. LOL

I hope so. I can't wait to see the Hunter/Sylar showdown tonight.

And Chuck! Tonight Tricia Helfer guests. Oh boy! I wonder if BSG will be mentioned. LOL