Sunday, March 08, 2009


And the love continues.

Here I am with my comments about SUPERNATURAL, season 3, which was waaaaay too short, due to the writer's strike. I'll say that I think I liked season 2 better, if only for the lack of a couple of characters I just never warmed up to in this third season. However, we did get a lot more of Bobby, the redneck mentor to the Winchester brothers, and I do love Bobby. (Having said that, I also like Ellen, but she was MIA. I would've much rather seen her get the screen time frakkin' Bela got, but we'll get to her in a bit.)

Sam is getting darker (and, hence, even HOTTER--good gosh, how? He was smokin' to begin with.). Dean is getting more heroic, and I loved seeing his return to "awesome hunter form" that he sort of lost when he became a bit more "comic relief" than he used to be at the beginning of the series. (Remember the Dean who was in control and in charge? For a while, it looked like Bela had emasculated him in that regard.)

What I loved:
* the continuation of the mythology and how very few punches are pulled as we come closer to an ultimate showdown. SUPERNATURAL dares to make their characters suffer--and not just for one episode. The consequences are long-lasting and change the course of the series as well as offer more character growth for the guys.

* the funny episodes. I'm embarrassed to say that I kept rewinding that scene in "The Mystery Spot" where Sam is saying everything Dean is saying, because Sam *knows* what Dean is going to say, due to repeating the same day over and over. "Sam Winchester cries during sex. Sam Winchester sleeps with a ruler next to the bed and every morning he wakes up and..." Heh! Perfect instance of the actors playing off of each other and doing it extremely well.

* the brotherly emotion. Who among us did not give a heartfelt "awwwwww" at the end of "A Very Supernatural Christmas" when Sam and Dean watched football together? Great scene, because everything unsaid weighed heavily between the lines of dialogue. Sniff.

* the season cliffhanger. Oh. My. Dean...!!! I'm chomping at the bit to start season 4 and am determined to catch up with the series just so I can see this season's cliffhanger when everyone else does.

What I didn't like so much:
* Ruby. I think it was the way she was introduced, with all her Barbie snarkiness. She became halfway interesting when she revealed herself as a demon, but then she claimed that she remembered what it was like to be human. Hmmm. To drive that point home, it would've been cool if her character had shown more flashes of a slightly endearing humanity instead of all that demon sneer. I know she'll be back for season 4 though. Not sure how I feel about that.

* Bela. Let's just say this--in a deathmatch between Ruby and Bela, I would put facepaint on and write Ruby's name on my bare chest in sub-zero degree weather to root Ruby on. This has to be one of the most reprehensible characters ever created, and the thing is, I'm not 100% sure we weren't supposed to start feeling sympathy for Bela at some point. She got the "abused child" flashback in the end that I guess was supposed to make us understand where she was coming from, but from the time Bela SHOT SAM to the final act of her barging into the boys' room and SHOOTING WHAT SHE THOUGHT TO BE THE GUYS IN THEIR BEDS, I despised this wankette. I don't often feel relief when a character expires, but I have to admit to sporting quite a lot of satisfaction when this wench bit it. (The thing that worries me though is that we never actually saw her die. I'm crossing my fingers that she didn't somehow outsmart death....)

So there we go. And here I am, a newly converted uber-fan. This will be the number one panel I'll be aiming for at this year's Comic-Con, San Diego, and that's saying something, based on its competition.

I'll be back when I catch up with this season, and I'd love to do recaps....


Selena Illyria said...

Okay, you and so many of my friends are enabling me! So many series I adore. I must get the first three seasons *sob*, must, must, must.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

YES, Selena! You won't regret being enabled. :)

Selena Illyria said...

I know! That's the problem too many shows, now I have to add Castle to the list along with Burn Notice, Psych and so many others.

Celise said...

"I'm crossing my fingers that she didn't somehow outsmart death....)"

No, she didn't. She's gone for good. At least, she is so far. Ruby, however, is still in the picture.

Have you gotten to the episode where Dean lipsyncs to "Eye of the Tiger" at the end? It's almost like a blooper reel or something. If not, it's something to look forward to. Hi-larious.

Or when they're on a movie lot and "Gilmore Girls" is mentioned? Hi-larious. Especially when you see the look on Sam's face. LOL.

So glad you're still enjoying this show. Sadly, I heard a month or so ago that Jared got married. Lucky. Ass.Woman.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the Winchester boys. They're so awesome, huh?

I've missed them, but they're back this week. Yay! :)

How you been?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, guys!

Selena, I watch BURN NOTICE, too. They just had the season finale, so that frees up another viewing slot, LOL.

Celise said, "[Bela's]gone for good. At least, she is so far. Ruby, however, is still in the picture."
Thank goodness for the Bela part, but I'm now two episodes away from being caught up to the rest of you all, so I'm seeing what's happening with Ruby. Gah. There are just so many squick factors involved with this scenario. Seriously, I can barely even watch when she's on screen. I'm just hoping that she's not really "the best demon evah" and was put into hell by mistake or something. Demons are demons for a reason....

Celise also said, "Have you gotten to the episode where Dean lipsyncs to "Eye of the Tiger" at the end?" Holy. Moly. That was FUNNY. The guy's a cut-up.

"Or when they're on a movie lot and "Gilmore Girls" is mentioned? Hi-larious. Especially when you see the look on Sam's face." That was great, too. I didn't really watch GG (It's Netflix time!), so I don't know why he would be wearing that onion face. I suspect something bad happened to Jared Padalecki's character...?

"Sadly, I heard a month or so ago that Jared got married. Lucky. Ass.Woman."
Damn. Because I TOTALLY had a shot! (Heh.)

Y! I'm doing okay. Starting the next Vampire Babylon book. How about you? :)