Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CHUCK, 4/20/09

(The following blog entry includes a drinking game: take a gulp every time “Awesome” or “awesome” is used. You’ll thank me later.)

* Yow! We knew there’d be coitus interruptus. But doesn’t it just figure that Chuck and Sarah would be the victims of Morganus interruptus, that most special of strains?

* Repeat after me: Casey will break under his reluctant attachment to Chuck. Casey will break under his reluctant attachment to Chuck….

* Captain Awesome is totally going to find out about SpyChuck before the end of this eppie. (I was even thinking that Awesome could be Fulcrum until I realized that Chuck never flashed on him. What about CIA though? Note: later, I’m glad he’s not either of the above. I like this “normal guy knowing too much” direction way more than a SpyAwesome twist.)

* LOL for Awesome’s awesome snooping.

* Chuck and Sarah never get a break, do they? Another thwarted make out session.

* A Casey/Awesome fight? When did I die and go to testosterone heaven?

* Ding-ding-ding. Awesome discovery!!! I love, love, love that Chuck trusts his soon-to-be-bro-in-law so much. Dude bonding.

* “I need you to be Awesome. Can you be Awesome?” That was awesome.

* Break, Casey, BREAK! (And…YES, when he agrees to rescue Papa Orion!)

* LOL for the Ellie and post-knows-too-much Awesome scene. He’s going to explode with all that info plus wedding crap. I like Ellie, but she can be rather…intense. I fear that, within three years, she’s going to be Awesome’s nightmare.

* Could it be true? Chuck is free? (Guess that depends on whether this show is renewed, huh? And on what happens when Chevy Chase catches up to the wedding.)

* An ending full of so much awwwww(esome!) as Casey cigars-up to go to the reception dinner and Sarah emerges as Chuck’s girl. (I need to insert one last awwwwww.)

Next week, BRYCE!

So…HEROES. I didn’t recap it, you all. I didn’t even make it through the episode. You’ve no doubt noticed that I haven’t had fun recapping the series for a while. This is where I officially call it off with the recapping of HEROES. CHUCK and SUPERNATURAL have waaaaaaay taken over all the recapping space in my heart and brain. I can't even make it to the season finale.


See you later, when we finally get a new SPN episode on Thursday, with the new (Trickster?) Winchester brother!!! And please watch the last eppie of CHUCK so NBC sees the interest in this fantastic show, okay? As a matter of fact, can you do the same with SUPERNATURAL? Please? ; )


Unknown said...

I'll be honest from beginning to end I was squeeing and geeking out. LOL

I was sooo not happy with Morgan and yet I felt sorry for him and what he was going through at Buy More.

I missed like 5 minutes of Chuck because of the lovely storm rolling through my area so I lost signal for a bit and when it came back on I missed the reason for Captain Awesome at Casey's.

I need to go watch it online to catch up on all I missed.

But I did see Awesome's reaction to Chuck being a spy. So cute!

Now if only someone would clue Ellie in and I'll be a happy camper.

Casey, *sigh* What are we gonna do with you. All that and the reason you did what you did was because you got left out? LOL.

This reminds me of the first season and his last to be picked talk with Chuck. LOL

So many awwww moments and yet I'm scared with the direction things are going. NBC can not cancel this gem of a show.

Now that the intersect is out of Chuck's head what will happen? And Morgan leaving the Buy More to go to Hawaii? What are they doing?

Bryce! Whooo hooo!

As for Heroes, very dark episode, very interesting. They've taken the show to some interesting places but I still don't know about it. I am intrigued with the Redemption plot line but I think the show is still missing it's heart.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

LOL--I know! If they cancel this, I'll be ticked. Five hours of Leno in the 10 slot instead of CHUCK and four other worthy shows. I hate that programming direction.

I forget why Awesome went to Casey's. I think it was because Lester and Jeff said that Casey has been stalking Chuck, LOL.

I recorded the rest of HEROES, and I'll watch. I'm sure I'll keep watching, too, but my enjoyment isn't high enough for me to be really involved anymore. You're right--the heart is gone. There aren't any characters I want to "hang out" with for an hour.