Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CHUCK, 4/27/09...the Final One?

Whoo! I sure got my money's worth (the money I spent at Subway today. Yup, I took part in the campaign to save CHUCK.).
What did you guys think?

Water cooler recap:

* Chuck declares his freedom from Buy More, right off the bat. So does Casey (LOL). But you know they won't be so free in an hour....

* Bryyyyyce. You're a cocky rogue. Welcome back to my TV. Anytime.

* When Chuck makes the "vacation proposal" to Sarah, you can just see her heart breaking because she has to say no. Something's GOTTA happen between these two in the next 49 minutes!

* Go, Bryce! But as he sets out to save the world, do you get the feeling he's going to die a hero tonight? "Noble Dead Meat" is written all over him. (Afterward note: Waaahhhh.)

* Jeffster doing "Mr. Roboto." I want to cry from happiness and pure, fascinated repulsion. This makes me want to see Adam on AMERICAN IDOL perform this song. How 'bout that? But the best thing about "Roboto" is how they use it as an epic score for the following action scene. Well played, CHUCK!

* Heeeee! Casey's men to the rescue and Captain Awesome rocking out to "Roboto."

* The wedding? Was frakkin' perfect. Sorry, Ellie, but it was.

* "No, no, no--that clashes with the bunting." -Kick Ass John Casey

* Chevy Chase = not the big heavy in this episode after all....

* Oooo--the Intersect is in Daddy-O!

* Chuck's in love. Good for him for admitting it. FINALLY.

* Oh, man. RIP, Bryce.

* Yup, Chuck is not so free. The Intersect is back...and it's...WHAT? "Oh, Chuck me?"

And Sarah is turned on, even though there's lingering Bryce emo going on inside of her.

Good golly day, folks, we have to hope that the "To Be Continued..." optimism pays off with another season.



Selena Illyria said...

OMG, this episode was such a roller coaster and I loved every second of it. All I can say is, I need more Chuck!I watched it live and Tivod it so I'm gonna watch it back again today.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Roller coaster, indeed! I watched it live, too, and I'm afraid I didn't catch every little thing. Hopefully, there'll be much more next year!

Selena Illyria said...

*fingers crossed*