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CHUCK and mini-HEROES water cooler notes, 4/6/09

Both shows kicked buttloads up and down the avenue tonight. My CHUCK section contains about fifty exclamation points, and HEROES was in fine form, with excellent reversals and set-ups for what sure is to be a strong finale. Thank goodness!


This show is "on the bubble" as far as airing next season. I can't believe NBC (and the potential audience) doesn't see what a gem CHUCK is. I wish they'd move it out of that death-pit Monday night slot. At any rate, what an amazing episode. One of the best yet.

* It looks like Chuck's pop is touchingly misty to see him. (wistful smile) Scott Bakula has a face you feel sorry for, and it's working my heartstrings.

* Aw, Ellie's reaction to Missing Pop's return: her stopping in the middle of her wardrobe crisis and wincing, "Pancakes." (There go my heartstrings again.)

* Funny how Chuck, Awesome, and Ellie are trying to talk around Missing Pop's "craziness," hoping to erase the awkward vibe. Good try.

* OMG. The farting ball. Sarah + Casey's puzzled and slightly weirded out reactions as they try to interpret the sounds from the other end of the comm.

* Sarah + Casey as nerds! I especially love that, by the end of the eppie, Chuck becomes "them," as well, dressing in Casey's stuff.

* LOL for Pop's pride in Chuck as our beloved Intersect boy leads Roarke's goons on a merry chase.

* I like how they've continued with the consequences from the bachelor party for Awesome and Ellie. I feel terrible for Awesome, but at least Ellie's trying to live with it (even though she keeps subtly putting him in the doghouse).

* Cool how Chuck is putting the pieces of Orion's blueprints together on his own, without his Intersect skills to rely on. Not cool how Sarah + Casey doubt him--and how Casey pulled the "apple doesn't fall far from the crazy tree" card.

* Whoo! Chuck arms up...with a tranq gun. Which he actually shoots at Casey! Heh. (And was Casey kind of even impressed during his giddy pass out?)

* Just as I was about to go, "Oh, Chuck, " while he was shooting the tranq guns at the goons... The goons pass out! That was sweet. I geek hard about this moment.

* The Mummy returns!

* Pop is not a loser! I geek again.

* Did you guys smile, too, when Chuck and Pop were working the override together and they grinned at each other? I assume that we all geeked at that moment.

* Ominous comment from Roarke to Pop about always having a way with the girls....

* Zach Levi sells the moment when he must separate from Pop again. My geek chokes up.

* Pancakes on the table. Geek. Choke. Marry me, Awesome.

* How sad that Chuck can't tell Ellie the truth about Pop. My heartstrings are worn by now.

And then comes HEROES, where the heartstrings get more tugging. In general, great intensity, with all the reversals and the situations brought on by Sylar's shifting. I predict there will be no Kirby Square debacle at the end of this season.

(Short recap--I was ready to not bother until I realized how great this eppie was.)

* The actors are really having fun playing Sylar playing them. Nice job by all.

* I especially love when HRG works the Hunter by pretending to be Sylar.

* Love that the "save Matt Parkman" directive really didn't mean "save baby Matt Parkman" as much as it truly meant "save big Matt Parkman by bringing him little Matt Parkman."

* Damn, HRG. Damn. There's my ruthless, slightly messed up enforcer, but I'm really happy Sylar was only screwing with him and the killing of the innocent man wasn't for real. Not that HRG knows this. He's going to be one raging puppy, and I can't wait to see how his actions this episode affect him in the near future.

* The Petrelli reunion looks promising. But why is Mama Petrelli making them dig and dig when she can just tell her story about all the skeletons right now? (Unless they're going to find more than skeletons....)

Now bring on the Winchesters!!!

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