Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So... For me, CHUCK was pretty good, but it normally sets the bar so high each week that a below-"average" episode for the series is still dang entertaining. And HEROES? What can I say. The show exhausts me. Last week I loved it, this week I mentally tuned out. I really liked the flashbacks, but everything else... (sigh) But we'll get to that.


* I know some viewers get impatient with the Buy More antics, but I adore them. Nice set-up with EvilEmmitt versus Big Mike via the underlings.

* When Chuck visited the jail, I almost expected him to see Miggs in the cell next to Jill's. (Just an esoteric SILENCE OF THE LAMBS reference for those who care.)

* Doesn't Sarah have the best, longest, thickest, chic-est eyelashes? I wonder what mascara they use on her.


* Team Chuck + Casey invade Fulcrum! God has read my wish list and teamed them up. (Bonus - Team Tension, AKA Sarah and Jill.)

* "Comrades"? Is that what the Fulcrum training video called the test takers or did I hear wrong?

* LOL for Casey at the window on the scaffolding...with the bust-Chuck-out-of-danger gun!

* Oh, oh--does Big Mike's Godfather kiss of doom mean that Morgan's gonna get whacked?

* I was nervous that Sarah would actually go through with her deception with Chuck. But no! Big Awwwww. She lurves him, but she can only show him, not tell him.

* Next week: major lovin' for Chuck and Sarah? Or will it be coitus interruptus time?


Not much to say except that the only story I cared about tonight was Angela's. Everything else was a distraction for me--Nathan, Peter, Claire, and especially Mohinder. (I didn't see the ending--did he die? Doubtful, I know, but I've got to ask.) I did like Alice bringing the crazy though. Also, it was interesting to see Angela smiling so much when she was a girl--she was *beaming* most of the time. Sad to realize that she lost that glow along the way.

I do think Fuller's takeover of the show has been a great thing, and there are definite glimmers of high improvement. I didn't expect him to turn everything over in a few episodes, and I'm rooting for him to succeed in a big way. Two more episode to see how he does it....

Meanwhile, I'm half dreading and half anticipating the revelation of the "new Winchester brother" Thursday night. See you after the SUPERNATURAL eppie airs! Oh, and BTW, there was an interesting clip about Harlequin and its solid sales on NIGHTLINE last night. Here's a link if you want a gander:


Not as condescending as usual for a romance-based piece. Only one reference to heaving breasts. And if one of my excerpts had been read, I can only hope that Kevin Smith would've been the one chosen to do it. :)


Selena Illyria said...

I couldn't listen the celeb reading parts of the books. I just kept laughing.

Heroes I really liked the Angela parts too. Very interesting. Other than that, Meh.

Chuck. I heart this show so much. I was a bit scared when the showed the preview last week with the whole I only trust Jill thing. Thankfully he trusts Sarah too.

I think he can trust Casey too. LOL

It was funny seeing the Nerd Herd all dressed formally. Poor Morgan. I hope Anna doesn't torture him for trusting Emmit.

Yup, you weren't imagining things. Think that's a clue to something? It was an odd thing to say, at least to me it was.

I loved the Casey the window cleaner part. Oh! That was just awesome. And how about Sarah with the double guns.

I was worried Jill would betray Chuck again. Thankfully that didn't happen. Whew.

Yeah for Sarah, such a relief when she told him it was all a ruse.

Next Week's preview. I nearly fell out of my chair. OMG! Sarah and Chuck Wheeew and yet I'm worried.

Supernatural, I know one Supernatural fan not happy with the "other" Wincheshter brother. Could it be a dream or hallucination a la Stargate and the fifth man eppy. Is that what it was called? Can't remember. Anyway team hallucinates they have another member of the usually four man team. Turns out it's an alien.

Do you watch Stargate?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Selena!

You said, "Sarah and Chuck Wheeew and yet I'm worried."
Me, too! Things *never* go that well for them, LOL. And I, too, am very happy that Jill turned out to be a good egg...I hope. You just never know.

I never did watch STARGATE, but I've heard great things about it. Looks like another one for the DVD!

I do wonder, also, if the "3rd Winchester brother" will be something...not right. Did you read in EW that the actor who plays him looks *a lot* like the other two? I can't wait to see that.

Selena Illyria said...


Yeah, I'm a bit worried about that too. Jill did betray him. *sigh*

Classic line:

Ba'al: I am Ba'al.

Jack: As in Bachi?

Nope, must start reading it though. :-). From the preview I saw he sort of looked like a really young Jensen Ackles. I hope he's a plant. It would change the show too much to have third brother.

Interesting that he