Sunday, April 05, 2009

Literary Orange

Yesterday I went to the Literary Orange event, which took place on the UC Irvine campus. It exists to celebrate authors, readers, and libraries, and I'd been invited to speak on the romance panel as the "vampire" author.

I "panelled" with Christie Ridgway, who writes the wittiest contemporaries, and Kathleen Givens, who's a popular historical author. (Scottish content, you all! If you love that subgenre, you might want to check her out.) Throughout the day, we were allowed to attend other panels, like the horror one with my friend--and the awesome writer--Nancy Holder. Or the suspense panel. Or the keynote addresses by big-time writers like Stephen J. Cannell, who's done so many iconic series that it makes the head spin (A-TEAM, WISEGUY, and about 40 more).

There'll be another Literary Orange next year, on April 10, if you want to mark your date planners. It was a fun and informative mix of attendees and genres, so I recommend it if you're in town. :)

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