Friday, April 03, 2009


First official "water cooler notes" for my newest obsession! Last night's eppie was a good mix of serious and funny/meta-cleverness. At first, I was afraid the premise of a comic book that reflects Dean and Sam's life would be too HEROES. But the writers veered off from the concept very nicely. Let's see why:

* Hah--was that Fabio on the cover of the book? And he's Dean? Those credits were awesome. I have a real yen for these "flights of fancy" episodes, like the one about the monsters filmed in black and white.

* Again, how meta is this episode? They're hitting everything FAN-tastic about the culture surrounding this show. The slash fic, "SamGirls" and "DeanGirls," fans ragging on certain plots, etc. The boards are going to be going nuts.

* "Obviously, I'm a god." Chuck the "author" said this, but I think this is a good time for me to inject my most recent theory about LOST into the post. (Note: I don't read any boards about that show because I find the speculation to be more overwhelming than fun. So this theory is probably out there somewhere. Oh, well.) I think the island *is* a god--a living entity that's able to travel through time and takes babies as sacrifices (hence, the lack of successful births after a certain point in the island's history). The island is judge, jury, and executioner, and that comes in the form of the sentry smoke monster. It is all-powerful. It's not God god, but one of those powerful beings that the greeks or an ancient cultures worshipped.


* The boys wash their clothes. I was wondering if they ever did that. And I love Sam's brooding, pensive shoulders.

* Please don't tell me that one of the seals to break is Sam screwing Lillith. Demons are not for the boys to be getting frisky with! Ruby's bad enough.

* Castiel drops in to heave an info grenade--Chuck, the prophet--BOOM!

* The Winchester Gospel. Wow. I just hope it ends well. (Based on the finale of this eppie, looks like it won't.)

* Aw--Dean turns to celestial guidance. Finally.

* Castiel, the strategist. He angel rocks.

* "I am the prophet, Chuck!" That was a moment.

* Now I'm super curious about what an archangel will look like. Scary as all get out, no doubt.

* Yikes. Very bad vibes about what Chuck saw for Dean and Sam...and Zachariah's creepy presence. I am unsettled.

* Um...a missing Winchester brother next week? Stranger, don't butt in on the Winchester party!!! Let the boys be.

See you next time!


Stephanee said...

You are cracking me up. Gotta love Supernatural. This is the best show, and this episode is setting up for a great finale. It just keeps getting better and better. I was wondering during last weeks show if they ever do their laundry. Who knew? I keep watching Lost, don't know why. Never missed an ep, but I am clueless to what's going on. I think years from now there will be a behind the scenes reveal show about how all the writers were getting together and smoking crack while they were writing this series. Anyway, congrats on your Rita nom. Way to go Chris!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Stephanee!!! I'm trying *so* hard to remain unspoiled for the rest of the episodes, but I know there are synopses out there, and it's hard to stay away. Yet I will remain strong.

LOST is a fun cluelessness. I love how they jerk me around, LOL.

Thank you for the congrats. :) It's pretty exciting. Can't wait for the parties at National!