Friday, April 24, 2009


You guys know I was afraid of this new Winchester brother, but I love how they handled it! Why did I even doubt?

Play by play:

* God, during the "THEN" part, doesn't Jared Padalecki look young? Aw. And yow. I miss the bangs, but I ain't complaining now.

* A tuna sandwich hanging out in the back seat? Can you imagine what that car smells like, even before the tuna? (Kind of kills the fantasy, huh? Actually, not so much. There is Febreze, after all. But still.)

* Cranky Dean is masterful at his job (the holy water, the silver). Overzealous, but masterful.

* LOL for Dean being jealous that Daddy Dear took NewSon to a baseball game. I love Jensen Ackles's slow burns.

* Hey, didn't Sam get dragged under a car in an earlier eppie? (Season one or two, with the cannibal family who had that crazy lil' girl?) I guess it's a long view down to the ground for him, but he needs to watch those ankles.

* Of course there was something wrong with "Adam." But I like that he really was their brother. And I love that this is played for emotional loss rather than the introduction of a Cousin Oliver, as most feared. (Surely you know who Oliver is? The original "Jump the Shark" offender, even before the Fonz gave it a name? Brady Bunch sass-monger? Yeah. I watched every episode ever. Is that a bad thing?)

[Cindy? Bobby?.......Bobby? Cindy?]

* I think I'm not supposed to be turned on by Sam all tied up like that. Oh, well.

* Yikes! Dean, would you save Sam already??? There. Phew. But, damn, with the hitting! He sure ganked those ghouls but good.

* Depression mounts. Boys, I will be your girlfriend, should you need the comfort. Come to me.

Ooooo--next week! Castiel deserts his borrowed body and we meet the real accountant....
See ya then!


Unknown said...

Tuna Sandwich, who knows how long that's been back there but ewwww!

That scene in the diner, just wow, I half expected him to throw in a few other things besides Holy Water and silver.

Cousin Oliver, LOL. For a second I was like, What are you talking about? Then I remembered. LOL

When he shot that one ghoul and the head 'sploded, WOW!

LOL, hon, I think there's a long line for those who want to comfort the boys. LOL

This show has me sooo hooked.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Selena, great to see you! Hope the line isn't too long. : )