Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Sneak Peek at a Cover!

Here's my next Special Edition cover!

THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE is coming out in July, and it's the first book in the Foleys & McCords continuity series. As you can tell from the flash title, the series has a family feud premise, and it involves really fun stuff like a lost, cursed diamond and Romeo-and-Juliet relationships. My own story is a nanny-and-the-boss type romance, with a hopeful caretaker winning the heart of a brooding widower with a daughter in sore need of love and guidance.

July is also going to bring the mass market reissue of MIDNIGHT REIGN, Vampire Babylon, Book 2, before THE PATH OF RAZORS (book 4) comes out in August! Good times ahead....

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