Friday, May 01, 2009


Only two more weeks to go!

I would've liked to have seen more Winchester boys in this eppie, but I found Jimmy's story to be interesting, and it dovetailed nicely with the set-up needs of the mythology for the big finale. (Sob--only TWO MORE eppies, you guys. This will be the first time I'll be waiting an entire summer after one of those killer SPN cliffhangers. Gah!)

Here's the water cooler points:

* Do you all watch THE AMAZING RACE? Doesn't "Jimmy" (not "Castiel," because Misha Collins can really differentiate the two) look like Racer Luke?

* As I was saying, it's so wonderfully obvious when Castiel is in that body and when Jimmy is. Kudos to the actor, Misha Collins!

* Yeah, I, too, would've freaked if I were Jimmy's wife and I came home to find my hubby's hand being boiled in water.

* "Ginormo." ROFLAO. That's a shout-out to, which I looooove.

* Interesting depiction of Jimmy's marriage. Both Jimmy and wife have faith, but only one of them takes the big leap. And I like how Jimmy realizes, bit by bit, the consequences of his faith. Interesting, also, that he chooses to lie to his family about where he's been for almost a year(!) instead of testing his wife's faith again. (Or does he really regret inviting Castiel in that much?)

* Is it just me...or are you also hoping that Ruby's not returning Sam's calls because she was sucked right back into you-know-where?

* OMG--Roger-as-demon reveal and Jimmy's kill-and-protect reaction. He is SO never getting his family back.

* Nice! The little girl is carrying Castiel. Didn't expect that.

* Oh, CRAP--Sam and that demon blood. Secret's out.

* Oooo--will there be a lil' girl throwdown between Claire/Castiel and whatever Lolita-like body Lilith decides to inhabit next? That would take care of any issues regarding a grown-looking man (Castiel) working it out with a lil' chick (Lilith).

* Damn--Castiel goes back into Jimmy. I was kind of stoked about the lil' girl wars. But I do like Castiel in this body. Castiel's hot even though Jimmy isn't. Weird.

* BOBBY!!! But, oh, my, he and Dean are forcing Sam to go cold-steel turkey. Good.

And the previews? Holy heart palpitations. Looks like Dean isn't about to let Ruby get away with her garbage anymore though. Please, please, please have this mean that she's gonna be gone next year....

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Selena Illyria said...

By the end of the episode I was just so sad for Sam. This week's episode looks scary good. I can't wait to see it. :-)