Friday, May 08, 2009



You all know I like my dark stories, but, oh, how draining this episode was. I loved it because everything is coming together, but how the soul weeps for the Winchester brothers.

Water cooler talk:

* Okay, before we start, I just want to say that I saw Jensen Ackles in a little horror movie called DEVOUR. It was all right as far as horror goes, but what struck me was how good of an actor this guy really is. We're used to him bringing it on SUPERNATURAL, but the character he played in this movie had an innocence about him that contrasted with Dean's bravado. When this show's over, I'd love to see him do some indie dramas and comedies that show his skills to an even bigger audience.


* I'm rooting for Dean, of course, because who wants to see Sam utterly destroyed? Still, I can see where they're both coming from in their arguments to either use Sam's powers or not. Sam really thinks he's doing the right thing, but Dean just wants to save him.

* How awful to see Sam's inner demons coming out. When Big Sam was talking to Little Sam (and, no, I'm not being dirty), they mentioned Jess, and I thought it was interesting that Sam has never tried to bring Jess back to life, what, with all the magic he has access to. Not that Sam still holds a pure love for her, but he carries Jess's death around with him; she haunts him, and I wonder if he'll ever try to exorcise the lingering guilt.

* When Mom appeared to Sam, I almost thought Ruby was screwing around with him because she was calling Dean weak and urging him to go after Lillith. It's not so, but, woe is me, we do get our Ruby appearance later.

* Oh, Dean--taking one for Sam again as he makes a bargain with the angels this time (instead of demons)? Wasn't going to hell for Sam enough? Hero.

* You can imagine how hard I was cheering for Dean to rip Ruby to pieces. Then, alas, Sam step in. Bleh.

* So what do you think--last shot of the season = Lucifer busting out of his "cage"?

* These boys break my heart.

Next week...utter creepiness.

BTW, I saw STAR TREK and it's rolicking great fun. Emotional, hilarious, exciting--totally worth the moola, guys!

Have a great weekend!

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Selena Illyria said...

I was broken up at the end of the episode especially watching Sam choking Dean. I am so rooting for Dean but I can't help but wonder what the heck is up with Castiel and letting Sam out.

Is it all just so they can get Dean under their thumb?

I can't wait to see what happens next week. :-)