Friday, May 15, 2009

SUPERNATURAL Finale, 5/14/09

What a finale! Jeez, first there was LOST, which blew my freakin’ mind, as usual, and then came SUPERNATURAL, which pretty much does the same for me but with hotter guys. (Sorry, Sawyer, Jack, and Desmond. I’m a victim of the Winchester Pretty.) Also, Ruby’s no more! Sweet!

Come with me to the water cooler for some chattery….

* It just occurred to me that we’re going to get another version of the opening title card next season. Can it get any scarier? They outdo themselves each time. And you know what? I CAN’T WAIT FOUR MONTHS FOR IT.

* Tell it, Bobby! Harsh words for Dean about him acting like a “princess,” but I want Dean to get out of this swamp of emo and into kick-ass gear. Not that Dean didn’t deserve some princess time with what he’s been through. Most people would’ve jumped off a bridge.

* LOL for Zacharias offering Ginger from “Gilligan’s Island” to Dean—and throwing Mary Ann in for free. (You had to know that Dean would be a GingerBoy.)

* It figures that Sam’s voice mail would cut Dean off just before he finished saying, “I’m sor—“ry.

* Any agreement on the notion that Zacharias is being a tad too cocky about winning in the apocalypse Olympics?

* Um…”God has left the building”? Om-i-nous.

* Is it significant that the convent is “St. Mary’s”? (As in Mama Mary Winchester?)

* Bitch move #5677 by Ruby—changing Sam’s voice mail.

* SAM’S DEMON EYES! Ahhhhhhh!

* I’m actually relieved that Ruby was playing Sam like a slack-stringed violin. She made him a chump but maybe…MAYBE…he’ll learn from this.

* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t let the hellgates hit you in the ass on your way out, Rubes.

* We all knew they’d leave us hanging here at the end with Lucifier’s rising! Argh. But the good news is that the brothers are back together, baby! Hell approacheth earth, but this reunion leaves me very happy and satisfied.

So, a whole summer. Four months. Forever. And then there’ll be no more SUPERNATURAL. Woe is me!


Selena Illyria said...

First of all self preservation, very important to me. I would not be standing there staring at the bright light coming up from the floor. Just sayin.

I'm sad for Sam, he lost some of his innocence. Life is not a technicolor musical right now. :-(

Sooo happy Ruby is gone. *Happy Dance*

Let the healing begin.

And as for the line of women wanting to comfort the boys, I'll be erm, right over there *points off in the distance*, with the first aid kit, 'kay?

P.S. Is it August yet? Me need Path of Razors. *Big Grin*

Crystal Green's Blog said...

OMG, I was soooooo happy when Ruby got "phffft"ed!!!!!! I hate to be stoked about a death, but...yeah, I was stoked. Poor Sam--you're right about his innocence. Heartbreaking. And I'd be running from Lucifer, too. Big time.

Thanks, Selena! I can't wait for August and PATH OF RAZORS, too.... BTW, don't *you* have a book out right now? ;)