Monday, July 06, 2009

Back in the Saddle

It's back in the saddle time with a Vampire Babylon-related project. I was contracted to write a short story in an Occult Detectives anthology that should be coming out in the fall of 2010. From what I hear, Simon Green and Rachel Caine will be among the authors, so that makes the little fan girl in me jump up and down. It also means I'm doing the whole neurotic "OMG, Simon Green and Rachel Caine will have work in the same book...and I'll have to live up to their awesomeness!"

In spite of all that, I've plotted my story and am ready to write it. It'll take place after the closure of the London VB trilogy, which means that I can't tell you exactly what Dawn will be struggling with since DEEP IN THE WOODS, Book Six, is nine months away from publication. No big spoilers for you!!! But I can say that the story will bring back a lot of Hollywood trilogy elements and will center on an Underground starlet ex-vampire who *might* still be around...if she's not a ghost.

Off I go.

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