Monday, July 27, 2009


If you’re wondering why I’m not doing the full-on Comic-Con report this year, it’s because things have changed so much since I started attending…and I’m not just talking about how the crowds have expanded. It’s just that I’m “on the other side of the tables” in most instances, with signings, a panel, and a bunch of people I get to see only at the Con every year. Waiting in lines isn’t an option—and the lines are huge! Also, there are a legion of bloggers and tweeters who flood the Net with panel reports, and by the time I get mine posted, it’s irrelevant. My new Con philosophy is this: if I get to see any fan panels at all, I consider that to be icing on the cake. I don’t raise my hopes to see anything anymore.

Having said that, I did get in to a few panels. I told you about the D.C. Motion Comics presentation, as well as the author panel, on Thursday. But Friday I camped out in Ballroom 20 for a while, where I saw CAPRICA, THE BIG BANG THEORY, and 24 (Keifer!). Saturday was panel-less, except for the one I was on; I’ll be blogging about my experience on the NINC blog next week, so tune in here for when I post the link.

But on Sunday?

I got in to see SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE!!!

Yes, it’s true I didn’t get in to the LOST panel (sob), but as long as I was there for SUPERNATURAL, I was happy. The boys couldn’t attend (double sob), but Eric Kripke (creator, etc.), Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund (writers/producers), Misha Collins (Castiel), and Jim Beaver (Bobby) were on hand. That was plenty satisfactory for me, even though I kept expecting Jensen and Jared to pop out for a surprise.

So what did we get? Cute stuff from the season 4 DVD gag reel, plus five minutes from the first episode of season 5—whoo!!! They wouldn’t show us the beginning of the eppie—they wanted to keep us in suspense about how the boys escape Lucifer—so it took place after the first commercial break. There’s something cool that happened during the clip, so I won’t ruin the moment for you, but let’s just say the boys found Chuck the Prophet, and Chuck has very bad news about Castiel. Then Zach and some angel henchmen show up, Dean smarts off to them, and Dean once again reveals that he isn’t quite as dumb as he pretends he is sometimes. That led to some Q&A, where Kripke confirmed that Castiel is going to play a very big part in the apocalypse storyline. Hunters are going to join forces, and this includes the return of Rufus, Jo, and Ellen (Yay!). Someone asked if Jeffry Dean Morgan would be back to reprise the role of John Winchester, but the man is busy doing movies. We shall see (or maybe they’re keeping this under their hats for a surprise). We know that Jess will return for an episode early in the season, but they wouldn’t give us any more details. The Colt gun will additionally return. Also, this season will show the brothers coming together again, thank God. Oh…and about a season 6? Kripke didn’t rule it out. He said that this season will mark the end of one chapter in the Winchesters’ lives and, who knows? Another season could be the start of a new chapter….

As for SMALLVILLE, Tom Welling showed up with the rest of the regular cast. I don't have to confirm that he was hot. A guy dressed like Batman came up to the microphone and asked when “I’m going to make an appearance on the show.” Hilarious—but Jeph Loeb didn’t answer the question, LOL. They showed a pretty kick-ass trailer for season 9, and it reminded me of why I got sucked into this series in the first place. It looks like there’ll be lots of Lois and Clark, and the first part of the season will take place in the future, where Lois was transported. Mucho, mucho interaction with Green Arrow (who’ll be in even more episodes this season), Impulse, Aquaman, Black Canary, etc. Zod is a hottie. Oh, and the last image in the trailer was of Clark standing on a skyscraper looking down at Metropolis and wearing a flowing black cape, I think (I was sitting in back of a guy with the world's biggest head, so I couldn’t see very well.). In the clip, Clark wasn’t Superman, but it looked very cool nonetheless. The first episode will address the reason Clark isn’t able to fly. Chloe will be over Clark. And they’re hoping for a season 10….

24 was great, too, with a panel that included the Sutherland, Chloe (who is a riot in real life), plus new members of the cast like Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinz, Jr. They showed a clip from the first eppie, and it looks like Jack Bauer is finally happy because he’s involved in his daughter’s life and he actually has a family for the first time in ages…but then the captain from THE SHIELD (Whoo!) shows up with a bullet in his arm and he tells Jack that there’s an assassination attempt going down in the United Nations. The new CTU, based in NYC, looks to me like a mellow Vegas casino because it’s dark and sparkly, but other than that, I don’t recall any big spoilers.

And that’s pretty much my report, guys. I’m just jonesing for SUPERNATURAL, but in the mean time, I’m immersed in THE SHIELD (I’m in the middle of a very disturbing season 4. Yikes.).


Selena Illyria said...

You're back! *tackle Hug* Hiiii! Sounds like it was great. :-)

I wish I could have gone. I'd heard David Tennant from Dr. Who was there along with John Barrowman from Torchwood. *sob*

Oooh, lucky! I can't wait for Supernatural to come back! Only one more month right?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, you! LOL. I think Supernatural is coming back in late September. That's what I remember, anyway, with all these little factoids cluttering my brain. :)

Celise said...

O.M.F.G. you got to see Tom Welling?!!!!! So effing jealous!! The whole gang was there? Even the hottie that plays Green Arrow? (What the hell is his name?)

I KNEW we should've gone this year. A bunch of our Star Wars crew went. We plan to go next year, though.

I would've checked out Supernatural, too, and would've passed out cold if Jensen and Jared had shown up. Thanks for the update on the shows.

Celise said...

You mentioned DOLLHOUSE in the previous post. Am I to assume that you weren't able to make that one? I wonder if Eliza and Tahmoh, the hottie cop, were there? Well, I'm sure Eliza was, but I would've LOVED to have seen the hottie cop. Who's now a part of the dollhouse.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise! Yup, I saw the Welling. I breathed the same air. And Justin Hartly, the Green Arrow, looked just as good. If you go next year, let me know!

I'm particularly excited that Kripke was open to another season of SUPERNATURAL....

And, yeah, I missed the DOLLHOUSE panel. I think Eliza and Joss were there, but I'm not sure of the rest.