Friday, July 10, 2009

Supernatural Bringing the Funny

You know how you go to YouTube to find something specific and you end up tooling around on it, getting sucked in to every video that pops up? Well, that was me yesterday, but I found this little treat for both fans of SUPERNATURAL and anyone who likes to look at scrumptious guys....

Always with the scissors.


Caffey said...

Hi Chris! Oh he's yummy! LOL. Can you beleive I never saw the show! I rarely watch TV and just seeing that makes me realize what I'm missing! I should check out an episode. If its still on since its summer?

Hope you doing good! I'm checking out all here and see whats coming soon!! Miss chatting!
cathiecaffey(at)gmail(dot)com (not using yahoo, its pain)LOL

Celise said...

I love me some Winchester men! And I heard Jared just got married. Lucky woman, that. I actually remember some of those scenes. But the funniest one was at the end of an episode, Jensen lipsynched to a Journey song. Hi-larious. I couldn't stop laffing.

Gawd, I love this show. I know it has to end eventually, but I seriously hope it won't be for a long, long time.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Caffey! You'd *love* this show. They're running old episodes right now, but Netflix has the first three seasons on DVD! Hope you're doing great. :)

Celise! I heard the SPN is only going five years...unless the CW has their way. I think its ratings have been steadily improving. I can't wait for next season, too! Ahhh!