Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter, Stoker Panel, and Winner

Just some updates today:

First, the last contest winner has been confirmed. Congrats, Vickie McGrew! She's going to receive that cute lil' Pullip doll as well as a bunch of signed books. The web sites will be updated early next week, so watch for the new contest, which will be offering a beautiful Neko print along with signed copies of all my previous Vampire Babylon books!

Next, I'm now on Twitter, and you can follow me at . I was reluctant to start because it's such a commitment, but there I am now!

Last, here's a pic that Dacre Stoker took at our Comic-Con panel, "Bram Stoker: Was He the Joss Whedon of His Day?"

(From left to right: Ian Holt, Steve Niles, Les Klinger, Tony Lee, J.F. Lewis, Jeanne Stein, and me [and, yes, I'm sizing up the audience just before the panel begins, LOL])
I'll be blogging about the panel next week at the NINC site, so I'll be posting a link here when it's up!

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