Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BTW, No Heroes

Since season 2 of HEROES, I've been dialing back on the recaps for the show. It used to hold a veritable wonderland of opportunity for fun speculation and snark, but something happened last year. Watching the show felt like a huge chore, and recapping it...? I couldn't find the energy.

Did anyone watch it last night? I switched to football after the first 20 minutes, so maybe it was good. Nonetheless, no recaps. I do them for SUPERNATURAL now, though, so if you want some virtual water cooler talk, stop by late Thursday nights!


Celise said...

No, I haven't, but I will report back when I do. It's coming on tonight and I still haven't watched the season premiere. I've pretty much forgotten what happened last season.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I've forgotten the details of last season, too, Celise. I missed HEROES last night, too.

Celise said...

Ok, so, I finally watched the season premiere and I'm not sure where it's going, but I have a feeling it's on its last legs. There's really no mention anymore of "saving the cheerleader." Last season, Nathan was killed and Matt turned Sylar INTO Nathan as a request from Angela. Basically, on the outside is Nathan (so Adrian Pasdar is still on the show), but inside is Sylar, but he's trying to come out.

Hiro is dying. And a new batch of freaks have shown up. One of whom is Ray Park (a.k.a. Darth Maul). It's not like the very first season. That was so much better.

So, hey, have you heard anything about CHUCK? Is it coming back? If it was, I thought it would've started by now. The guy that played Bryce is going to be in a new USA series called WHITE COLLAR starting Oct 23. I'm going to check that out because he was a major hottie.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, thanks for the recap. I haven't even watched that premiere because two whole hours at one shot just seems like too daunting a task. But your comments make me think I can hop into last week's episode soon. I'll tackle tonight's...sometime. Ray Park is definitely a draw. So is T-Bag from PRISON BREAK. But we know what happens to awesome new people on this show. (RIP Sark and Veronica Mars.)

I heard that CHUCK is coming back in March. Too long of a wait! I want to check out that Bryce show, too. Hottie.