Thursday, September 17, 2009

Supernatural, 9/17/09

And we’re off and running with the apocalypse!

* Here’s one of those useless questions. Which series has more hospital scenes: SUPERNATURAL or SMALLVILLE?

* “Enough foreplay,” says Cranky Bobby as Castiel and Dean chat. Fanfic boards are buzzing with glee.

* What? Dean’s constant necklace is God radar? Who knew?

* Dean: “Now I feel naked.” Legion of Deangirls: “I wish.”

* Ellen! With the hunters coming together, doesn’t it feel like the glorious days of season 2?

* I was going to crawl into the TV to kick Sam’s butt if he drank that stanky blood.

* Roger with the glasses is way too inept with a shotgun and I recognize the actor from, among other things, DEADWOOD. He’s totally a bad guy. (re: The TV Axiom of Recognizable Character Actors Figuring Heavily into the Climax…and It’s Usually as the Villain of the Week)

* I feel for Sam, but I think Dean has every right not to trust him.

* Sam is tied up again. Methinks some show writers have been peeking into my diary.

* So, for some reason, the black-eyed people are good and the others are bad. I can’t wait for this explanation. Seriously. It’s a fun twist.

* Wormwood! That reminds me: If you haven’t read that collection of short stories by Poppie Z. Brite, go thee out and get it. She’s incredible.

* Points to Dean for the brain work. Whoo, Smart Dean!

* Yup—the TV Axiom in action.

* I’m going to love seeing Rufus and Bobby together. It’ll be the cranky Olympics.

* I like this episode, mostly because it reminded me of THE STAND, which is one of my favorite books.

* No way—even though Sam has a lot to make up for, I can’t believe Dean let him go. It was so sad watching Sammy walk off like a sad little (big) puppy.

* But without Sam, it’s going to be the Dean and Castiel show… That makes me extra sad for some reason.

Next week—same apocalyptic time, same apocalyptic station!


Crystal-Rain Love said...

I'm so happy we FINALLY learned the importance of the amulet. Kripke said it would play an important role and he definitely did not lie.

Mardel said...

It was a pretty good show. It made me wish I had actually watched the other (? how many?) seasons before. I just don't like how on every paranormal movie or show, it seems like everyone it talking very low, barely speaking. Are they ALL trying to be very quiet?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hi, Crystal and Mardel! Crystal, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that amulet given to Dean by Sam when they were little? (The best Supernatural Christmas episode ever.) I forget why Sam had it--was it because the dad had it? At any rate, I wonder if the dad had any idea what it was back then....

LOL, Mardel. They *are* being intense and quiet, aren't they?

Unknown said...

I loved this episode and got all teary at the end when Sam left but I think at this point Dean is tired and still very hurt. I think he needs space at this point. Sam has never done anything so hurtful before and Dean just doesn't want to keep hearing how sorry Sam is.

Poor Bobby. :-(

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Selena! I agree about how Dean is feeling. I'd be exhausted, too. Maybe Castiel will be such a demanding hunting partner that Dean will be like, "Hangin' with a demon blood addict was NOTHING compared to this." ;)

Celise said...

I think I need the God radar necklance now. They have'em on sale at TV, I think. LOL. So, is Bobby paralyzed? That's the impression hubby and I got.

What's even funnier, when you mentioned crawling into the TV if Sam was going to taste that blood? I was yelling "DON'T DO IT, SAMMY!! DON'T LICK IT."

And yes, at the end, I was thinking the same thought that Sammy voiced, "I was expecting a fight" or resistance, or something like that. I was totally shocked when Dean agreed that he leave.

So. Wow. The Winchester Boys are going their separate ways. We have yet to watch last week's episode, so I'm refraining from reading your comments. Just barely. I don't want to ruin it for myself.

Speaking of the supernatural, have you been watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Celise! I think Bobby is indeed paralyzed. Maybe he'll bust out of that chair at the right moment though....
You're a busy one! School takes up lots of time. :)
I have been watching VAMPIRE DIARIES. The last episode put me firmly on board. I love the brother thing, and Damon gets better and better.