Thursday, September 24, 2009

Supernatural, 9/24/09

Even though the brothers are in a depressing place, I’m feeling a vibe of early SUPERNATURAL fun here. Like, end of season 1 fun mixed with the roadhouse grit of season 2. Sweet.

* Do you ever wonder if Sam is ultimately going to end up with Jessica again in some shape or form?

* I do love Castiel, but Dean on the road without Sam is like the Lone Ranger without Tonto. Like a cupcake without frosting. Like…sniff…the Chipp without the Endales.

* Angel zapping doesn’t sound like very much fun.

* Undercover Castiel = pod person.

* I’m gonna die if Dean takes Castiel out to get laid.

* I die.

* Castiel: “This is a den of iniquity.” You know, at first I typed “Dean of iniquity.” Heh.

* Should we believe Raphael? God is dead in SUPERNATURAL-world?

* I don’t know why this enthralls me, but what’s your verdict on Sam’s hair? I think it looks kind of girly. I like his season 2 style, when he had bangs. He also had hair wings, but…still.

* Wait—dang. I wasn’t listening for a sec. Did Raphael say that God actually just ran away? If so, I’ll bet George Clooney is his vessel.

* What’s up with the Sam versus hunter guys fight? Sam could totally bench press them, so why’s he losing?

* Okay, when I made that first comment about Jessica, I wasn’t talking about her being in the form of Lucifer.

* Whoa…next week? Mind trip.

Already this season is rushing by, and it's probably because it might be the last one. Aye, me.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, I never thought about Sam and Jess. Interesting, that would make sense, now I wondering how they'd be together.

LOL. The Chipp with the Endales. *Giggles*

Cas just looked confused and then at the bordello, he looked terrified.

I'm really hesitant to believe anything from the Angels except Cas.

To me the Angels are throwing a party while Dad's away, only this party is violent.

LOL! You just want George Clooney on the show. LOL

Sam was losing cause he felt guilty.

Next week, just is whoa.

Noooo, not the last season. Need more Supernatural.

Sam's hair is looking a bit long. lol

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, S! I just think the only way Sam's going to be happy, romantically, at least, is with Jess. Maybe God can reward him with some form of Jess. Heck, why not?

Poor Cas. He was also reminding me of Macy Gray on the DANCING WITH THE STARS dance floor with those ultra confused looks.... :)

Yeah, the angels aren't quite trustworthy, are they? And for Raphael to suggest that Cas is a tool of Lucifer so it plants doubt in Dean's mind... Suspicious.

It'd be hilarious if George Clooney showed up in some weird disguise.

Have a great one, S!

Mardel said...

I'm SO irritated. After watching two of the shows (for the first time ever) I missed this week's because there were THREE other pilot/seasoner openers that I wanted to see. Grey's Anatomy (watched the second half), Fringe and another that I can't remember right now. I don't have TIVO (poor, extremely poor right now) and I took a chance that Supernatural would be on ON DEMAND-but nooooooo!. The only one on the ON DEMAND is Fringe, which I should have watched ....well, ON DEMAND! 's what I'm planning next week.

Let me tell you, I am not that impressed with Comcast's ON DEMAND feature. You cannot get all the shows you want, and even though you can watch shows like Heroes for free, if you want to catch it ON DEMAND you have to PAY for it. Sucks. stupid comcast :(

However, Fringe was pretty kick-ass!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, Mardel--you're right about Thursday nights being extremely crowded. It drives me nuts, too. Is SUPERNATURAL on Hulu?

I'm catching up to FRINGE on DVDs. I stopped watching it about four episodes in last year, but then I started hearing how good it had gotten. So I'm back in. :)

Celise said...

You know what's funny. My hubby made the same comment about it possibly being the last season. He's wondering what more they could do with it.

I laffed when he took Cass to a brothel, too. For some reason, I wasn't expecting that. I guess because there's not one of those here where I live. Only a corner called Van Buren.

As for the hair, LOL, only you would comment on something like that, Chris. I like it longer, too. He looks too clean cut. Because, really, when you're bustin' supernatural balls all over the place, when do you find time for a freakin' hair cut?

The hubby and I liked this episode, though. It was pretty deep.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Celise, LOL for "the corner called Van Buren"!

Yeah, no matter what's going on--angels trying to get laid, the end of the world--I'm always going to be watching the hair. :)