Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tony Lee's HARKER

(Possible teeny-tiny spoilers ahead)

You guys know that I was on a vampire-related Comic-Con, San Diego, panel this year. One of the participants was Mr. Tony Lee, writer of graphic novels, such as DR. WHO. He was there to talk about his upcoming release, HARKER, which is an unauthorized sequel to DRACULA.

I sat next to Mr. Tony Lee at the signing and we struck up a conversation. He even showed me a few panels of HARKER on his iPhone, and I was excited about what I saw and knew of the work at that point. Much to my surprise, Lee was recently kind enough to email me an advanced copy of the graphic novel. (Eee!) Naturally, I dove right into it.

What can I say except that I loved it? There's no way I'm going to give you major spoilers, but I will tell you that this is a very worthy successor to the original. Reading it made me feel as if I'd just put down DRACULA and was rejoining it soon afterward. I got to reunite with characters I'd missed and catch up on their lives after the traumatic encounter with Dracula. And I got to be swept up in an evil that postdated the Count. (Remember, some people maintain that Dracula didn't actually die at the end of the book--he turned into another form....)

Graphic novel fans will love the art: the images and coloring really make you feel as if you're in the midst of a gothic adventure/nightmare, and the tone feels absolutely true to DRACULA. Story-wise, the pacing is breakneck, but leaves enough room for the development of those characters we love. (There's one character who's going to stand out more than any other, I'll bet. It's the way this character drawn, designed, and developed. An outstanding villain. You'll know *exactly* whom I'm talking about after you read the graphic novel!)

A big thank you to Mr. Tony Lee, and a congrats to him and his cohorts on a job very well done. ;) I'll be buying my hardcopy when it comes out.

To see a preview of HARKER, click here.


Karen Mahoney said...

I met Tony Lee in London recently! He's so much fun to hang out with. :)

Also, I might've received an advanced PDF of Harker to read... Can't wait now!


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hi, Karen, and welcome! I hope you got that PDF... You'll probably read it in one sitting like I did, LOL. Have fun!