Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Writing Cave

Now that I'm into the second manuscript in my as-yet-unreleased BLOODLANDS series (post-apocalyptic urban fantasy), it's time for me to lock myself down and go for it.

When I do a first draft, I go into that Commando Robot Girl mode, and banishing myself to my condo is all a part of the process. Everything becomes about what's going on in the story. I'm an airhead because I'm always thinking of the next scene. I'm moody because I want to get the damned thing done. I'm a freak who doesn't really live on this Planet Earth until I type THE END.

It looks like it's going to be a busy stretch, even after BLOODLANDS 2 is written. I think I'll be diving into a continuity book for Special Edition, then a couple more stories until I write BLOODLANDS 3, which is due in July. (God, that seems so far away, yet...not so much.) But am I complaining? Yeah, right.

Best. Job. Ever.

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