Thursday, October 29, 2009

Supernatural, 10/29/09

Shall we settle in for our weekly dose of chills and Winchester goodness?

* Remember that episode about the witches in season 3—the one that opens with the woman looking in the mirror and her teeth start falling out? I almost thought that was going to happen here again since I know this one’s about a warlock.

* It’s suit time! I love those boys in their suits. It runs second to shirtless Winchesters.

* Daggonit, Bobby. I seem to recall a time when he almost kicked Dean’s butt for giving up his soul in order to bring back Sam from the dead. I know Bobby’s undergone a change of attitude lately, but it’s surprising to see him be a hypocrite by engaging in this poker game. I guess if Bobby can give in to magical temptation, there’s not much hope for the rest of us. Bummer.

* And Dean is still playing fast and loose with his own life. It’s just more important for him to be a hero for a short time than it is to live a longer life and not be a hero.

* Hah! Chad Everett as old Dean. Perfecto.

* Amused Sam says, “It’s like Grumpy Old Men.” Perfecto, Part II.

* Chad Everett is working it!

* I can’t help noticing that the warlock lives in my dream apartment. If there’s an island in the kitchen, I will fall into fits of ecstasy.

* OMG—the clap. This show tends to kill me.

* Aw, Bobby. The brothers’ relationship is the heart of this show, but Bobby is the soul.

* “Idgit.” Didn’t Bobby say that with all the fondness in the world when young Dean comes pigeon-winging out of the building?

* Another aw with Dean propping Bobby up with a chat. Sometimes I think their relationship is much healthier than Sam and Dean’s.

Happy Halloween, you all! Don’t get into too much mischief.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters: Halloween Awesomeness, VI

Another Halloween movie with…

A TALE OF TWO SISTERS is another film with subtitles, but I hope this isn’t a roadblock for anyone. It’s a real gem. In fact, it’s like one of those great character studies mired in suffocating Southern gothic horror, except Korean-style. In other words, you’ve got an idyllic, beautiful country setting, an old house with terrible ghosts and secrets, and a very screwed-up, repressed family that allows those ghosts to flourish. Good to know that America doesn’t have a corner on this market.

Things start out in a mental institution where a doctor is questioning a girl about “what happened that day.” Right away, you see that there’s a mystery to be had, and the action settles into the past, when two teen girls arrive at the previously mentioned house. One of the girls, Su-Mi, is clearly not happy with her father. There’s an angry distance that trumps a reluctant fondness she still has for him. It’s very well played in the writing and the acting—in fact, you could say this movie is artistic on every level, so you can feel good about watching your gore and frights this time around.

Next, the girls run into a very chatty, henpecky, obviously evil stepmother. The villain has descended. After that, you get everything from a J-horror inspired ghost (you know—with the dark, messy hair obscuring most of the face, the weird, disjointed way of moving, the animalistic creaky sounds) to some very, very good scares that result from tense build up. There’s lots of talk about “craziness,” and it gets to the point where you start to wonder exactly who is crazy and who isn’t.

Then you go, “A-ha.” That’s because this is a twisty movie, where clues to what’s happening are fed to us bit by awesome bit. Every minute, you put another piece in place, but you’re not always led to the correct answers.

Another thing—A TALE OF TWO SISTERS is gorgeously filmed, with startling usage of reds and blues against the bleakness of that house. Some might say the film is slow going, but I’m telling you that the payoffs are worth the wait.

Oh, and I heard that this film was remade here in the States as THE UNINVITED, so I’m curious to see how Hollywood flubbed it up.

If you love stories that mess with your mind, this definitely for you….

Library Talk Tonight!

Hey, guys,
Just a reminder that I'll be at the Paseo Verde Library tonight at 7pm to chat and sign books. I believe you have to sign up for this, so for registration and info, you can click here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Tony Lee on the MTV blog

Guys, Mr. Tony Lee, author of the fabulous HARKER (which I crowed about over a month ago...maybe two?) blogged at the MTV splash page. He writes about vampires...and mentions little old me!!!

Click here to read it....

Book Giveaway at Lynda Hilburn's Blog....

If you guys drop by Lynda Hilburn's blog today, you can leave a comment on my guest entry and that'll give you a chance of winning signed copies of mass market versions of NIGHT RISING and MIDNIGHT REIGN. Also, since it's Halloween time, I blogged about creepy--"legend tripping." To find out exactly how that phrase applies to my life, go here!

Additionally, for those of you around the Las Vegas area, I'll be at the Paseo Verde Library in Henderson on Wednesday night at 7pm. Robyn Carr hosts an author chat every once in a while, and I'm the featured guest this time around. It'd be great if you could come! You can go here for information and to register.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

[*REC]: Halloween Awesomeness, V

Another entry in my Halloween movie mini-marathon:

I knew that [*REC] was the template for QUARANTINE, which is a remake of this movie, and I’d been meaning to watch the former because it’s supposed to be superior to the latter. Then a review appeared on one of my favorite Web sites, so I stepped it up and popped it into the DVD machine.

[*REC] is a Spanish movie, so it’s got subtitles, which I didn’t really notice after the first few minutes. It’s also a BLAIR WITCH/PARANORMAL ACTIVITY “found footage” style film, with a cable show hostess filming for a twee program about what people do during late night-shift jobs. On this night, she’s at a firehouse, and the first twenty minutes or so show her and her cameraman going about their business, interviewing firemen about what they do, etc.

Then an alarm goes off, and she takes to the streets with two firemen to a call where someone is supposedly stuck inside an apartment building. No biggie, right? But when they get there, the police are present, too. Someone called them because they heard screaming. Oh, oh.

Now, it’s important to note that you realize this hostess has got some ambition, so she and her cameraman decide to keep the film running as they go upstairs to help this screaming old lady. The hostess thinks this footage will get higher ratings than usual, so she and camera guy forge right ahead, even though the police keep telling her to shut the darn camera off. When it turns out this old lady has some huge issues, biting one of the policemen in a majorly grotesque manner (eeeeek!), it’s all on tape.

Lucky us! And, as all hell breaks loose in that apartment complex, I totally bought into how they kept the camera rolling and didn’t just put the thing away in favor of running: suddenly the cops quarantine the people inside for seemingly no good reason. The tenants, of course, get feisty, saying, “Let us out!” and “You have no right to do this to us!” And viola—the TV hostess has an even bigger story, so she’s not about to have it go undocumented.

Then there’s a boring part, where the hostess interviews about a million people, some with information that’ll soon play out. Some who’re just kind of there and making you think, “Get to more gore already.” Then…

Ah, then [*REC] turns into a scary mo’fo. It’s one of those hand-over-face experiences for the last twenty minutes or so, as we’re led upstairs to an apartment that’s supposed to serve as shelter for our survivors. There’s no way I’m telling you what happens next, but it’s some damn good horror.

Worth a rental for the last twenty minutes alone, if not for a pretty good time in general….

Next up? I don’t know yet, but I’m eying THREE EXTREMES….

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Prowler: Halloween Awesomeness, IV

I’m doing pretty well with this mini-marathon stuff!

Last night, it was all about

THE PROWLER is an 80s slasher flick that, somehow, I’d never seen before. It was fun to discover this fact. Equally cool was that Tom Savini, master of horror makeup, was on staff. I didn’t realize this while I was actually watching the flick, but I kept thinking how great the effects were, even though the story pretty much stunk.

Yup, this is not a very good movie. But even bad horror movies can be good sometimes because I’ll forgive it if it has some decent atmosphere.

This didn’t.

However, there’s something inevitably comfortable about a formulaic 80s slasher movie. You get a prologue with a set up kill. Then you move to the present time, where you get your basic innocent final girl to use as a placeholder for your own viewing experience. You get your usual man in the mask, lurking around and offing people for some screwed up reason. You get dumbasses getting ready for a party, then booze, boobs, bad acting, and blood. Lather, rinse, repeat. You know what’s coming and you anticipate every bit of it in these older slasher movies, and you eat it up, just like me. You know it.

THE PROWLER really knows this formula, which also includes introducing a horny-soon-to-be victim, dispatching him or her creatively, and planting the body in such a way that it offers maximum scares to the heroine when she stumbles upon it. The flick additionally has a vibe reminiscent of the original PROM NIGHT, which is one of my favorite slasher movies, though THE PROWLER never remotely approaches the grandly weird pathos of that awesome train wreck. The film even has FRIDAY THE 13th type string music but without the screeching PSYCHO homage and cheh-cheh-cheh-hah-hah-hah. (Okay, I know that’s not what’s on the soundtrack, but I keep forgetting what it’s really saying. I think I heard that it’s actually ki-ii-ill-her-her-her, which is what Mrs. Vorhees keeps saying when she’s chasing around the final girl in the first movie. Not sure though.)

Besides mindless, formulaic comfort, there are really merely three reasons to watch THE PROWLER:

1. The special effects that I mentioned. There’s one near the end that made me go “Ewwwwooooo” in a great horror way.

2. The poofy, blow-dried hair and high, too-tight running shorts that people wore in the 80s. There’s even a guy who evoked thoughts of a Q-Tip in me. He was supposed to be the hot hero. You’ve got to tune in just to be enthralled by his girly hair.

3. The sight of guys dancing to 80s music. Truthfully, this was really the most horrific thing about THE PROWLER, but then again, if I wanted to gape at something similar, I could’ve just watched VALLEY GIRL and had way more laughs. VALLEY GIRL is one of the five best teen romances ever, and it gets bonus points because everyone runs around with their Izod shirt collars up. There’s also a guy named Skip whose hair rivals the audacity of THE PROWLER Q-Tip man's locks. Double feature time, you all!

I get to watch [REC] soon, and I hear it’s really good. I’ll be back with that next time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Splinter: Halloween Awesomeness, III

Lean and mean and only 82 minutes long. I like that.

Upon first impression, it seems that SPLINTER would:

a) be a movie about a split personality
b) be a torture porn flick about sticking stuff under nails (I don't know why I thought of that.)
c) *not* be about what it really is about.

In case you didn't guess, it's the "c" option. And I don't want to tell you what the movie is really about because, like a lot of scary movies, the coolest thing about this one is that you don't know what's coming. I'll just tell you, though, that things start off with an attack involving the "splinter thing." Then we switch to what we think might be a movie about campers getting stuff wedged under their nails by a sadistic killer (see "b" above). Then it seems SPLINTER will be about the danger of stopping for a stranded person on the side of the road to help her (see "a" above).

Actually, it's a little bit of that stopping to help a stranded person part, but then we get to an isolated gas station during the pitch of night, and just about everyone has to lock themselves in from what they encounter outside....

This is a good, solid movie because, first, it's got characters who seem pretty real because they use their brains. Second, there's a scene or two that reminded me of EVIL DEAD but not because something's possessed in a traditional sense. Third, I didn't catch any CGI!

(BTW, this is becoming a big thing with me. I think I became vehemently anti-CGI after it messed up INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Well, that and a few other things which messed it up [cough...tarzan...cough].)

I'll also tell you that the threat in this movie is treated a lot differently than you think it'll be, too. It snaps the bones in a person's body, splits them apart, and totally makes you go "Ewwww!" in a good horror way. But everything just isn't about gore--there's a ton of suspense involved, especially in a sequence near the end.

One last thing: how can you not like a movie that contains this line:
"He can't change a tire, but f*&% is he can't chop off an arm."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trick 'r' Treat: Halloween Awesomeness, II

My mini- Halloween movie marathon continues with

TRICK ‘R’ TREAT had gotten a lot of buzz previous to this DVD release. There was a question as to whether or not it’d be released in theaters to take advantage of a sort of cult following that developed from word of mouth and festival showings. It did get a limited release, and I’m pretty surprised that it didn’t get any more than that. It’s a good movie that reminds me a lot of TALES FROM THE CRYPT with a PULP FICTION structure; four main stories weave in and out of each other one night on Halloween in a small town. At some points in the story, you’re like, “I thought that guy was dead!” See? Tarantino-esque.

Now, I wouldn’t say this movie is scary-scary. It’s more atmospheric and creepy-funny. There are also moments of some very nice suspense. And I was surprised at the cast they collected: bigger names like Bryan Cox, Dylan Baker, and Anna Paquin as well as shoot-I-know-the-name-of-that-actor people like Helo from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (and DOLLHOUSE) and that skinny blond chick from POPULAR.

The stories aren’t fabulously original or frightening—they’re more like comfortable, eerie ghost stories told around a campire. There’s a story about a “red riding hood” young woman who’s navigating the Halloween streets, looking for a guy who appeals to her virgin self. A story about a regular guy who just happens to kill people in his spare time. A story about a cranky old man who finds a malicious creature in his house. A story about a bunch of kids who were killed on a school bus. They’re all connected by the presence of a tiny little kid with a burlap mask who seems to be at every violence-ridden location.

The best things about this movie are 1) the lack of CGI and 2) the evocative “Halloween feel.” The first one is obvious: it’s awesome to see old school special effects being used. If there’s CGI, it was done so well that I didn’t notice. The second is a valuable element in a movie you’d want to watch during this time of year. You can practically feel the chill in the air and smell the fireplace smoke on the wind, just like on Halloween night. It’s a fun, ghoulish feeling yet, at the same time, safe.

Great Halloween movie. Have fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Supernatural, 10/15/09


* LOL for stupid little baby-sittee antics.

* Ooo-hoo, this episode is gonna be season 1 fun! Another urban legend/ghost story type installment.

* I’m a bit scared to see what the Tooth Fairy is going to look like….

* Ew. I expected more of a warped fey person than Bluto Swan Lake Marathon Man. (BTW, did you ever see MARATHON MAN? Awesome. To this day, I can watch just about anything in a horror movie except for dental and nail extractions. And needles.)

* Hah! “His face froze that way.” Who knew that, all this time, Dean was Plastic Man?

* Please, please, please have there be Sea Monkeys in this episode. I wanted those soooo bad when I was young. Sea Monkeys just seemed like the ultimate Barbie dolls.

* ROFLOL. Hair on Dean’s palm. That did not just happen.

* You know, it’s relaxing to get away from the angels and demons. One-shot episodes are a pretty smart way for the brothers to find each other again, just as they did when Dean first showed up in Sam’s house all those years ago.

* Yikes—poor possessed woman and baby boy. Let us never forget that demons are very bad news.

* What was I saying about angels and demons taking a vacation?

* Best Whoppee cushion EVER. It’s especially hilarious that this gargantuan toot happened during the middle of a serious scene. And Castile’s dignified, “That wasn’t me”? Gold.

* I wonder how they’re going to handle this anti-Christ thing. That’s a really big can of worms to open. (As if the apocalypse isn’t a huge undertaking in itself, LOL.)

* Ouch when Castiel points out that Sam didn’t make the right choice. His tone would’ve been enough to make me wither.

* Action figure Castiel! That’ll be a hot item at the Cons. Many fans will be hoping it’s anatomically correct.

* Loved this eppie. All it was missing was Sea Monkeys.

Looks like the show is taking a break next week. I think I’ll blog about another Halloween movie in its place though….

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I said I was going to post about this movie tomorrow, but I got to writing my thoughts about it and here it is....

I had no idea that a nearby theater was playing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. With all the hype of this “little film,” I was pretty sure the releases would be relegated to the big city venues. But no!

If you haven’t heard, PA (I’m too lazy to type out the whole title, as usual.) is the second coming of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. At this point, we’re far enough away from that film for people to degrade and make fun of it. But, you all, BLAIR WITCH scared me. Not only did it make me sicker than a dog because of motion sickness, but when I went home that night, I was utterly convinced that the witch was behind my blinds, just waiting for me to open them so I could see the face I didn’t see in the film. I was scared witless, and I can’t tell you how much sleep I lost because of that cackling, stick art-loving wench. (This, coming from the girl who had extremely active nightmares about JAWS, which I’d only heard about from an excitable great aunt until I saw the movie years later and became scared all over again. My conscious life has nothing on my imagination.)

BLAIR WITCH, in my humble opinion, is a really well laid-out jeeper-creeper, much like JAWS, with the monster remaining a mystery throughout a lot of the movie. Bit by bit, we’re fed enough information through legend and visual peeks so that the dread and tension build to the point where we don’t even want to see the creature that’s menacing our character/placeholders in the film. In BLAIR WITCH, we never do witness the monster. Also, the film used a structure that is, by now, a horror chestnut—“this is a true story” found footage. And, maybe, with our society's fascination with reality shows and You Tube, this is what we’re going to get for the next fifty years. This format is perhaps what will speak the most profoundly to us.

You might’ve heard that PA is the scariest thing that’s come along in ages. Indeed, I did get many a goosebump. In fact, I’d say that I spent most of the film going from hands in front of my face to hands balled under my chin to hands folded expectantly in my lap in the anticipation of having to put them back up in front of my face. The first half hour or so is pretty sedate: it dwells in the ordinary world of a couple who suspects that there could be a ghost haunting their house, so the guy buys a camera to record the paranormal activity at night in their bedroom. From the half-hour mark on, the build-up to what exactly is haunting the couple is what makes this movie worth a ticket. It definitely has that all-important dread factor. But what REALLY makes this movie work?

It plays on our fears that when we hear things go bump in the night, there’s a reason. It’s not just your house settling. It’s not just a branch rubbing up against the window. And I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie use footsteps in a way that makes you forget to take another breath.

What’s kind of hilarious is that this cheap movie has much more impact than most of the $100 million plus crud that was out this summer. It’s a lesson in how you can’t dig deeply into your audience by manipulating the screen with CGI impressions. And that’s another reason PA was successful for me: I was riveted to the dramatic progression. I cared about what was happening to the characters, especially the heroine, who’s the focal point of the story. The only drawback was the ending, but that’s a small detail when I spent the first hour and half strung so tightly that I had to hide my dang face.

One last thing? I have a refrigerator that makes sounds, so I’m kind of afraid to go to sleep now.

Damn this movie.

Signed A DROP OF RED giveaway!

Over at Selena Illyria's blog, I'm talking about why the Vampire Babylon series fits into the "urban fantasy" subgenre. I'm also giving away a signed copy of A DROP OF RED, book 4, if you leave a comment, so come on over!

I just saw PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and I'll probably blog about it tomorrow. Meanwhile, suffice to say, I got my money's worth of goosebumps....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Awesomeness, I

If you look around the Internet, everyone who runs a blog or who Tweets is having a horror movie marathon for Halloween. I'd love to do that, but I can't watch a movie a day. Besides, sometimes I wonder if I've already seen most of the horror flicks out there worth watching. That isn't to say I've seen *everything," it's just that finding 31 new scary flicks worth my time might be a challenge.

But the temptation to at least watch a few monster movies as Halloween approaches is too much, so I decided to have a "Here and There Horror Movie Marathon." What that means is that I'll probably watch one or two a week. Small potatoes, but there it is.

My first foray into hunting down a scary movie that I haven't seen before resulted in my watching a curious little film called SATAN'S BLOOD. Gah. I know. But the back cover blurb involved a Ouija board, and that was what got me. Indeed, there was some Ouija action. There was also lots of naked people frolicking during Satanic ceremonies. Orgies, that is. In addition, I was treated to an evil walking doll. And a dead dog.

Now, I know what you're thinking. WTF? Believe me--I'm right there with you. But there are some of you out there who know what's it's like to be strangely charmed by a creepy horror flick, no matter how weird it gets. You enjoy the "Eeee" of it. You enjoy the organ music and the thunder, lightning, and shadows. You enjoy being somewhat repulsed because you can always hide your face behind a pillow or watch through your fingers.

So let me tell you a bit more about this flick, should you want to watch it. (Chances are low, but whatever.)

It opens with this super freaky scene in which some dark priest guy totally gets it on with what I think was a sacrificial virgin. I'm not sure this scene is ever really fully explained during the course of the movie; you have to infer that it has something to do with all the Satan stuff going on, I suppose. Or maybe I was spacing out, as I often do during TV time.

Anyway, the action moves forward to what was then "present day." Our hero and heroine walk out of a theater playing STAR WARS--no joke--so I think that's partly why I couldn't stop watching this movie, because of my utter, crazy loyalty to STAR WARS. Meanwhile, some lady on the soundtrack is going "La-dah-de-dah-dah-deh" to total 70s/Rosemary's Baby type music. The protagonists are toodling about their normal lives, having no idea that this lady is stalking them with devil tunes.

Oh, and what adds to the creepiness is the fact that this is a Spanish movie and it's badly dubbed. Somehow, this always makes things more surreal.

Next, our hero and heroine meet a couple whom they supposedly know, but the h/h don't recall ever knowing these other people. (The guys supposedly have a mutual friend named "Frank Bradshaw," which cracked me up because...really? There's a Frank Bradshaw in Spain? Come on, dubbing people, we already know this does not take place in Farmville, America, so just name him Julio Peralta or something.) Then they trek up to the mystery couple's house, which is introduced through a veil of mist and ominous organ music.

I have to mention that this mystery couple is WAY too friendly. Like, ucky friendly, where any sane person would NEVER go home with them. Of course, whacky foreshadowing starts happening up at that house: porcelain dolls laying about, a picture of a man wearing a, like, goat devil head. Best of all, the heroine catches the hostess in the kitchen snorting and snarfing something right off a table, like she's literally a pig. I don't know about you, but if I saw someone gobbling up gut kibbles from a tabletop, I'd jet.

But our hero and heroine somehow stay put, because this is a horror flick and they need to be stupid and keep to the conventions of the genre. (Okay, so their car won't start--but are their legs working? Run, fools, run!) Even when a convenient storm gathers outside and something starts howling, they're cool with it. They even take part in that Ouija board stuff I talked about earlier, as if this isn't asking for a shitload of trouble.

Then it all goes porno and nuts. There are rituals, complete with lots and lots of massage oil. There's also blood, blood, blood. Actually, it's a tad awesome, because there're some twists in the plot so you can tell yourself that you're still watching the movie because you're into the story.

Would I recommend this? I don't know. It had some good Halloween mood going for it. If you like insane, dubbed devil movies from the 70s, this would really be up your Satan's Alley. And it did have STAR WARS, too....

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Supernatural, 10/8/09

So are any of you itching to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? It’d better come to my town. I’m dyin’ for it.

On with those intrepid Winchester boys and their numerous attributes (dimples, shoulders, arms, suits and ties…).

Erm, let’s discuss.

* Little Bastard is a devil car. You know it.

* Holy crap! Windshield devours man’s face! Cool.

* Scowling, grimacing, blood-splattering Abe Lincoln! Oh, this just gets better and better. BTW, isn’t it fun to have a stand-alone ghost hunting installment right in the middle of the apocalypse? I miss these lil’ one shot episodes.

* Okay, so here's an update on my mom’s SPN indoctrination: she’s in the midst of season 3 now and I’m waiting on pins and needles until she gets to "Mystery Spot." That’s one of my favorites. She loves when the boys bicker, so that episode should be extra entertaining for her, especially the part where Dean says that Sam Winchester cries during sex.

* Dean’s Abe Lincoln impression. Need I say more?

* Something I thought I’d never see before I kick the bucket: Wrestling Gandhi. And what’s funny is that Sam can barely take him.

* Can someone provide a reason for a remake of THE STEPFATHER?

* Sam, you play that Thumbelina violin! Not to be mean, but my patience with Sammy is at a low ebb since last season, when he used up all my good will. Heck, I want to trust him again, but I absolutely understand Dean’s reluctance. I’d think Dean was a weenie if he didn’t remember Sam whaling on him and going back to Ruby. Don’t get me wrong—I still love Sam, but he nearly broke my heart.

* I have to say it: Sam is tied up again. Someone is definitely attuned to my idle thoughts.

* Oooo—awesome near-subliminal flash of grotesque skullery as Paris Hilton turns toward the camera!

* “I’ve never even seen HOUSE OF WAX.” Cue flummoxed look from Jared P. Hee. (BTW, I have seen HOUSE OF WAX and it…wasn’t as terrible as I expected. It was fabulously ucky when Jared P. was under all that melty crap.)

* Having said what I did about Sam, I do want the brothers to make up. (softie)

* So my indoctrinated ma and I are having a debate about Dean’s hair: is it dark blond or light brown? I say dark blond. Look at him in this last outside shot. Dark. Blond. Yes?

Did I just hear a laugh track in the coming attractions? Love! Also: evil child shenanigans. Castiel. Grey’s Anatomy. Sam getting nailed in the jewels. Looks like fun approaches!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Supernatural, 10/1/09

I just watched Sam die in season 2 during a DVD marathon, so I’m a bit verklempt. Remember when Dean gave up his soul for Sam? Oh, the days.

* In the recap—wow. We’re going all the way back to the Croatoan episode? Please tell me tonight will include the Meg demon.

* And there’s the Croatoan reference, but it’s in a 28 DAYS LATER nightmare scape.

* As I said, I was watching the end of season 2. I'm having a marathon with my mom, whom I’m indoctrinating into SUPERNATURAL fandom, so, tonight, when Dean wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world, I think of the Jinn episode. Remember that one, where there’s a crazy alternate reality for Dean going on? Oooo, do you also remember the other alternate reality eppie from last year when there was the Dean-as-yuppie-office-drone/Sam-as-loser-techie hunter effect? I can’t take these dream sequences at face value, so I'm wondering what triggered this alternate reality??? (Zachariah again? He makes me wonder if the angels live like Dr. Manhattan in WATCHMEN: experiencing past, present, and future all at once. Whatever the case, he’s a manipulative son of a...whatever he's the son of.)

* Future Dean meets Present Dean?

* LOL—Future Dean’s grown in some ways (leadership), but he’s still a slut.

* Castiel is Baltar. It’d be interesting to see his journey from stiff scardy cat who almost wet his pants in the brothel last week to orgy enthusiast.

* LOL for Chuck’s advice to hoard toilet paper.

* Okay, so Castiel is on drugs, which led to his change. I guess he’s like me when I drink rum and coke on a plane flight so I don’t give a crap about turbulence.

* I’ve got to see ZOMBIELAND.

* We're definitely dealing with a Milton-eseque Lucifer. Jared Padalecki’s doing a good job of making him come off as heartbroken and innocent yet intolerant and jealous. And he looks like he’s a vampire with that pale skin.

* I like how Zachariah just appears and is like, “Hey, I’m back. Made my point. Later, Dean.”

* No Meg in this episode. Oh, well. I kind of liked that actress they used for the Meg demon this year, but maybe we'll see her in the near future.

* Thank goodness they didn’t keep Sam and Dean apart for long! But it looks like we'll have to pay for this boon by enduring Paris Hilton next week.

See ya then!