Thursday, October 29, 2009

Supernatural, 10/29/09

Shall we settle in for our weekly dose of chills and Winchester goodness?

* Remember that episode about the witches in season 3—the one that opens with the woman looking in the mirror and her teeth start falling out? I almost thought that was going to happen here again since I know this one’s about a warlock.

* It’s suit time! I love those boys in their suits. It runs second to shirtless Winchesters.

* Daggonit, Bobby. I seem to recall a time when he almost kicked Dean’s butt for giving up his soul in order to bring back Sam from the dead. I know Bobby’s undergone a change of attitude lately, but it’s surprising to see him be a hypocrite by engaging in this poker game. I guess if Bobby can give in to magical temptation, there’s not much hope for the rest of us. Bummer.

* And Dean is still playing fast and loose with his own life. It’s just more important for him to be a hero for a short time than it is to live a longer life and not be a hero.

* Hah! Chad Everett as old Dean. Perfecto.

* Amused Sam says, “It’s like Grumpy Old Men.” Perfecto, Part II.

* Chad Everett is working it!

* I can’t help noticing that the warlock lives in my dream apartment. If there’s an island in the kitchen, I will fall into fits of ecstasy.

* OMG—the clap. This show tends to kill me.

* Aw, Bobby. The brothers’ relationship is the heart of this show, but Bobby is the soul.

* “Idgit.” Didn’t Bobby say that with all the fondness in the world when young Dean comes pigeon-winging out of the building?

* Another aw with Dean propping Bobby up with a chat. Sometimes I think their relationship is much healthier than Sam and Dean’s.

Happy Halloween, you all! Don’t get into too much mischief.


Selena Illyria said...

I loved this episode and it also made me teary. I guess it's always easier to give advice rather than follow it yourself. Poor Bobby.

*Shakes head* Dean is just...Dean. *sigh*

I agree, Dean is always trying to watch out for Sam, but Bobby, always tries to watch out for Dean, which is what he needs.

Queenie T said...

Chad was simply PERFECT as elder-Dean!

I just adore Bobby's character so much, and I'm glad they finally addressed the painful adjustments he's had to make with his injury. As usual, the writers did a phenomenal job of putting words in the mouths of the characters, and the actors did a breathtaking job of breathing life into those words.

I'm gonna miss this show once it ends, but I hope and pray it ends on its own terms and in its own time. I don't want to see it limp across the finish line.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Selena and Queenie!

Selena, I like to see Bobby watching out for Dean, too. I wonder when Dean will admit that Bobby is probably a "better" father in a traditional sense than John ever was. I know John loved the boys in his own way, but he sure left them with a lot of baggage.

Welcome, Queenie! ITA about the show ending on its own terms. It hate to say this, but I hope it does end at the end of this season, as Kripke first intended. He's had the arc planned forever, and I don't want to see anything else tacked on....

Celise said...

The hubby and I liked this episode, too. Hubby thought Chad did a great job of portraying Dean. Haven't watched the other one yet, but I'll comment on it when I do.