Thursday, October 08, 2009

Supernatural, 10/8/09

So are any of you itching to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? It’d better come to my town. I’m dyin’ for it.

On with those intrepid Winchester boys and their numerous attributes (dimples, shoulders, arms, suits and ties…).

Erm, let’s discuss.

* Little Bastard is a devil car. You know it.

* Holy crap! Windshield devours man’s face! Cool.

* Scowling, grimacing, blood-splattering Abe Lincoln! Oh, this just gets better and better. BTW, isn’t it fun to have a stand-alone ghost hunting installment right in the middle of the apocalypse? I miss these lil’ one shot episodes.

* Okay, so here's an update on my mom’s SPN indoctrination: she’s in the midst of season 3 now and I’m waiting on pins and needles until she gets to "Mystery Spot." That’s one of my favorites. She loves when the boys bicker, so that episode should be extra entertaining for her, especially the part where Dean says that Sam Winchester cries during sex.

* Dean’s Abe Lincoln impression. Need I say more?

* Something I thought I’d never see before I kick the bucket: Wrestling Gandhi. And what’s funny is that Sam can barely take him.

* Can someone provide a reason for a remake of THE STEPFATHER?

* Sam, you play that Thumbelina violin! Not to be mean, but my patience with Sammy is at a low ebb since last season, when he used up all my good will. Heck, I want to trust him again, but I absolutely understand Dean’s reluctance. I’d think Dean was a weenie if he didn’t remember Sam whaling on him and going back to Ruby. Don’t get me wrong—I still love Sam, but he nearly broke my heart.

* I have to say it: Sam is tied up again. Someone is definitely attuned to my idle thoughts.

* Oooo—awesome near-subliminal flash of grotesque skullery as Paris Hilton turns toward the camera!

* “I’ve never even seen HOUSE OF WAX.” Cue flummoxed look from Jared P. Hee. (BTW, I have seen HOUSE OF WAX and it…wasn’t as terrible as I expected. It was fabulously ucky when Jared P. was under all that melty crap.)

* Having said what I did about Sam, I do want the brothers to make up. (softie)

* So my indoctrinated ma and I are having a debate about Dean’s hair: is it dark blond or light brown? I say dark blond. Look at him in this last outside shot. Dark. Blond. Yes?

Did I just hear a laugh track in the coming attractions? Love! Also: evil child shenanigans. Castiel. Grey’s Anatomy. Sam getting nailed in the jewels. Looks like fun approaches!


Crystal-Rain Love said...

It was a great episode. LOve teh House of Wax reference and the tease where "Paris" was about to bring back Daddy Winchester.
Oh... and I never knew about the Little Bastard curse. Looked it up after the show. Very intriguing.

Selena Illyria said...

This was a great episode. I can't wait for next week's episode. How about Dirty Blond?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey Crystal-Rain! I was wondering if they'd really be able to bring back Jeffrey Dean Morgan, seeing as he's the big movie star now. Heck, I was stunned when Adrienne Palecki (sp?) made a guest appearance. I didn't know about the Little Bastard curse, either. I love when SPN digs up this fun, grotesque stuff.

Selena, I'll go with dirty blond!

Celise said...

LOL. I got reference, too. The hubby's all "She was in that?" I saw a little bit of it and totally forgot that Jared was in that, too. He needs to do a romantic comedy. He's been doing horror movies of late, and even though it's Jared, I refuse to see horror flicks. The hubby is STILL trying to talk me into seeing that stupid ZOMBIELAND.

We got confused a bit when they started showing clips in the future. When they do that, it usually means it's going on break. "It just came on," the hubby whines. Hopefully, next week isn't a repeat and they're just being kind in letting us know what's coming up.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise--yeah, I was confused at the "Soon" clips, too. I *think* tomorrow will bring a new episode. I agree with hubby. It just came on!

Agreed about the romantic comedy, too. He'd be super cute.