Friday, November 20, 2009

Supernatural, 11/19/09

Holy crap, what a great, great episode. It felt like it belonged in season 2, which is my favorite season, but it also had the benefit of my knowing these characters in a deeper way than I did then. I choked up. Didn’t you?

The bad news is that the next new episode is 2 months away. Did I read that correctly? January 21???

No. : (

On with the virtual water cooler talk…

* LOL for Castiel’s low comfort level with the hip surveillance speak.

* Awesome for using Jo and Ellen and the Colt again, baby! This series has such great continuity. It’s really a fan’s dream.

* “I’m in sales, damn it!”

* Castiel, the Master of Tequila. Who’ll take advantage of our poor drunken angel first when the alcohol hits—Jo or Ellen? (If this was HBO or FX, it’d be both.)

* Aww, I really like this “maybe it’s the hunters’ last night on earth” scene. The black and white photo really conjures one of those old-time outlaw pictures. You just know it’s going to be used poignantly by the end of the eppie.

* Castiel just keeps getting funner. (And, by the end of the hour, we will have needed the humor….)

* Hellhounds. Why’d it have to be hellhounds.

* Oh, god. Choke-up time. In one of the series’ best scenes ever, Jo goes out like the hunter and grown-up she always wanted everyone to see her as. Ellen once again proves that awesome comes in a tough-talking roadhouse mother of a package. A Supernatural salute to the gals.
: (

* Useless Colt.

* Useful Castiel!

* And, yes, we come to the poignant final view of the outlaw picture while I fight tears. My mom said, “Dean loved Jo.” But I’m not sure. I think maybe Dean is wishing he could’ve loved Jo while the photo burns….

I’m thrilled that the episodes just keep building on what’s come before, and they’re matching if not topping previous installments. I’m absolutely confident that this show—and the boys—will go out on top.

Now excuse me while I cry--this time because I have to wait two damned months for more!


Unknown said...

This episode did choke me up. I have to agree with your mom to a point. I think he did love Jo but not in the way she would want. He is capable of it but he won't let himself go through with it.

I have to say Mark Pellegrino is knocking it out of the park as Lucifer.

Loved drunk Cas, poor guy, can't take him to a brothel and can't give him liquor. LOL

The burning picture in the end got me all teary again.

I can't wait for Jan. 21st.

January is looking pretty good, Supernatural comes back and Chuck comes back. Whoo hooo!

What do you think the colt can't kill? I know it kills demons and why the boys would think it would kill Lucifer confuses me because regardless, Lucifer is still an angel, a fallen one but an angel none the less.I do have to confess the idea of Lucifer being impervious to the colt didn't occur to me until after Lucifer had been shot. LOL

I'm thinking the only way Lucifer gets wounded is by one of those knives that Cas carries around not sure how he'd be killed though? I don't think Michael can do it.

Mardel said...

I finally get to watch an episode, and find out the next one is months away. Oh well. This episode was awesome. I'm kind of liking this Castiel character. Especially his serious face when he says he thinks he's starting to feel something (from the shots). I also loved when he misused the going-down phrase. Funny.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, you two!

LOL, Mardel--what's up with the timing? Every episode, Castiel just cracks me up more and more.

Selena asked, "What do you think the colt can't kill?"
Yeah, I think it's just for demons, too, and I wonder if Crowley knew this and was just setting the boys up. I'm sure they'll confront him about that soon enough (Well, in a couple of darn months, anyway.). The "Michael Sword" seems to be the only way they're going to get to Lucifer....

Jessica said...

Yeah, but they said there were only 5 beings the Colt couldn't kill, so I think it could kill most angels. Obviously, it can't probably kill God. Who do you think the other three are?

I thought it was a really great episode and I am NOT HAPPY about this two month break.

Oddly, I went to Carthage once looking for the battlefield (I had a friend in Fayetteville, AR and drove down that way pretty often). The signs led me to a Wal-Mart and then stopped.

I never did see the battlefield.

Mardel said...

I really, really need to find some previous season dvd's. Going to ask my son to help me out on this one. I would love to see this show from the beginning. How many seasons should I be looking for?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Jessica, what a weird story about the battlefield. I guess Wal-Mart figures into the grand plan of the universe. :)
You asked, "Who do you think the other three are?"
I'm not sure, but what if two of them were Sam and Dean, for some cosmic reason?

Mardel--awesome. You'll love the previous seasons. There are four that come before this. I rented them through Netflix. Season three is a shorter one than the others because of the writer's strike. :)

Celise said...

My hubby's all, "Why didn't they keep the photo? That was the whole idea!" I got choked up a little, too. My hubby thinks it's cute that I do that. Wiping away tears sucks. And yes, we have to wait for 2. FREAKIN. MONTHS. But at least we'll now have the Winchester Boys AND CHUCK to come back to. Woooo-hooo! I squee'd like a little girl when I saw the trailer. Yow! Kung-fu Chuck!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Oh, man, Celise, I can't wait until CHUCK graces us with its presence again. It seems like I haven't seen it in years!