Thursday, November 05, 2009

Supernatural, 11/5/09

I think these Trickster episodes are some of my favorites. Remember the tall tales one? And of course “Mystery Spot” for sure. Vive le Trickster! (Okay, so I don't do French.)

* OMG for the dorky opening sitcom credits. Dyin’ here.

* The GREY’S ANATOMY spoof? I cannot wait until Dean and Sam become Doctors McUberHorndog and McAnalRetentive.

* I am already begging to Dean or Sam as the Incredible Hulk. Which TV program would you like to see in this eppie tonight? I’m putting my votes in for BAYWATCH and GLEE right now.

* I love how they have the GREY’S hallmarks down, like repeating words and phrases over and over again. You’re afraid. You’re afraid to operate again. And you’re afraid to love.” (One real-GREY’s example that comes to mind is when Lexie visited McSteamy and asked him to make lurv to her. “Teach me.” “Teach me.” “Teach me.” Oh, that was so barfy.). And the playful, fluffy estrogen music. And the ghost. Gah, the ghost.

* Dean’s reaction to Dr. Shepherd…er, Dr. Sexy. BoyCrush.

* Nutcracker! The sad thing is that I can totally imagine this game on a Japanese show.

* This is the season for Sam getting nailed in the nads, isn’t it?

* I am rolling. The genital herpes ad? Brillllllliant.

* Spot on CSI/procedurals, with the dramatic taking off of sunglasses, catchphrases, and even a Kojak lollypop. There’s probably a certain “no-talent douchebag” who’s squirming if he’s watching Sam and Dean imitate him.

* No way. KNIGHTRIDER is the best of all. I bow to the Kripke.

* I love how they tied this seemingly stand-alone episode into the mythology, just as they’ve done a couple of times this season. Everything’s coming together in this last season…. : (

Isn’t it funny how the “stay tuned” tag shows the much younger Sam and Dean? Such babies!

I can’t wait to see the Con Sams and Deans next week… See you then, too!


Mardel said...

I watched Supernatural for the first time in over a month. I am not missing anymore episodes.

I loved your (and their) reference to Grey's Anatomy. The minute the emo music started, you just knew it was a spoof of GA. Great. And they do repeat phrases don't they. They are very dramatic, angsty and Dean says A guilty pleasure.

So glad I watched this one.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

So glad you're "back," too, Mardel! Next week looks hilarious, as well. They're on a real roll with these funny episodes, and I do find myself more engaged with the show when I'm laughing. Last year was so dark that this year just feels goooood. :)

Celise said...

LOL. O.M.G. FREAKIN' LOVED THIS EPPIE. The genital herpes cracked me up. My husband thought it was a real commercial at first. He got up to take his plate to the kitchen and then he paused. What's so funny is that they usually start like that. LOL. With some woman doing yoga or ballet or something. OMG, I laffed so hard. Knight Rider was awesome. Oh, and even the beginning credits. Oh God, and the reference to CSI: Miami. "I say. No guts, no glory." "I say, get this man some Tums." Hi-larious.

Best eppie ever!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, I almost didn't watch that commercial, too. But then it started getting weird and I finally caught on, LOL.