Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Is Weird

Okay, so I'm sitting around yesterday, and I start thinking about one of my old projects that was put far, far away on the back burner. I've talked about this one before--it features an early twenties heroine who is a pop culture geek, and she aspires to be a manga penciler. Old school style, of course. I wrote it way back when Red Dress Ink first came out, so it's got that chick lit voice. But it came just short of selling to RDI because it wasn't *quite* what they were looking for. I remember there being something about the heroine being a little too young, and there's a strong storyline about how she and her "best friend" are realizing that they aren't the same people any more, and they're floating apart. At the same time, the heroine is making new friends--ones she never expected. It's about transition and how tough that can be. To me, it was very real, because I went through a time when I experienced that same heartbreaking realization about one of my own friends.

Throughout it all, there's a subplot, told in graphic novel/manga form, about the heroine's alter-ego, a girl raised by wolves who turns into a kick-ass superheroine. It echoes what the real heroine is going through, and in the end, it shows that, no matter what happens to her--no matter how she's been broken by life--she's going to be strong and continue fighting on.

I think this book was sent to fifty million editors a few years ago, and it came close, but wasn't *just* right for anyone. Luckily my agent has always kept faith in this book, and there might be some new avenues opening up for it. She told me this morning...after I was thinking about the book yesterday.

Coincidence? Or Christmas miracle?

I'm rooting for the latter!


Mardel said...

That must feel good, to know that an earlier book might get published. Good luck with it.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

We'll see what comes down the pike, Mardel, LOL. I'm so used to this book being rejected that it's like dressing every morning. : )

Celise said...

Sounds interesting. Like a sleeper agent or something. Very cool. I'd read it.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise--a sleeper agent story would be very fun to write.... ;)