Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Stuff

So here we go into a new year. I feel lucky to have emerged relatively unscathed from this one. For a lot of people I know, it's been an absolutely awful time, but I'm very optimistic that 2010 will be so much better....

When I went over my calendar to see what I accomplished this year, I was at first surprised at my stats--usually I'll write about five books per year, but in 2009, I wrote "only" three books and one short story. But as I analyze that further, those books were big ones--two of my post-apocalyptic urban fantasies (to be published in 2011) and one Vampire Babylon (DEEP IN THE WOODS, to be released on 3/2/10). Normally, my statistics look more productive, but that's when I also write shorter Special Editions and Blazes, too. So, considering that, I didn't do too badly.

Next year is going to be a write-a-pa-looza though. Here's my schedule:

* The first book in a new Special Edition series, Cowboy Billionaires, Inc.
* A Montana Mavericks book (to be released in October, 2010)
* The second book in Cowboy Billionaires, Inc.
* The third post-apocalyptic urban fantasy book
* The third book in Cowboy Billionaires, Inc.
* A Blaze book

And that's what I know at this point. Naturally, I'll also be working on proposals for other projects, and I have an idea for a sort of paranormal epic fantasy that could go a lot of ways--paranormal romance or in an urban fantasy type vein. I'll be thinking about that more.

I hope your new year is fantastic and full of little gems that you discover day by day. May you find contentment and happiness (and thank you for keeping the publishing industry going by reading!). : )


Anonymous said...

Are you not doing anymore Vampire Babylon books after Deep in the Woods?


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Amanda! Ace wants to concentrate on the launch of the Bloodlands trilogy before we address more VB books. I'm prepared though. After you read the VB short story that'll be released in fall 2010, you'll see that there's a whole lot of stuff for me to write about. However, just in case, I did provide what I think will be satisfying closure in DEEP IN THE WOODS...
Thanks for asking, and I *will* keep you all updated as things happen.
Happy New Year!

Mardel said...

"only three"

Hey, there are a lot of writers that take two years to write a book. Some write one a year. Some (me - haha) write NONE a year.

Three books in one year is pretty cool!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I suppose I'm a tad Type-A, huh? ;)