Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robin Hood!

Hey, guys,
I've been in my writing cave. I'm winding up that second Bloodlands book and having a good time, but I'm getting increasingly nervous about all the post-apocalyptic urban fantasies I'm seeing released waaaaaaay before my 2011 shelf date for this trilogy. I'm really afraid that everything I do will be "been there, done that." I'm even seeing more western-themed post-apocalyptic paranormals out there, in the spirit of PRIEST or HELIX. I'll blog about this at a later time, because it's really been on my mind, but I just keep telling myself to keep writing. Period.

In all this drama, I wanted to share this new trailer with you. It's for the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crow. Love! I've missed him. And talk about a subject that's been done many times before. This just reminds that you can take a story/subject that's been approached by other authors and spin it into something very cool.

(Sorry I couldn't find a way to embed this, but here's the link):


Have a great one!

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