Saturday, December 05, 2009

Today I Explore a Mine Shaft...Sort Of

I'm revising today, and a part of that includes finessing some details that I didn't include during the "hair-on-fire" writing of the first draft. (Occasionally, when I want to look up more details about, say, a Predator Drone or something important to a scene, I'll just put ******** and then move on. This allows me to keep going in the flow of the scene, and I'll come back to the chapter very soon to wipe out those helpful *****.)

I thought I'd show you guys what I "finessed" today in my postapocalyptic western paranormal world for BLOODLANDS, Book Two. I needed a place for my characters to hide after they committed quite a bit of trouble back in a city, so I decided upon a mineshaft, since they're near in a place that used to be Denver. Thanks to this lovely video posted on YouTube (among others), I got to travel to a mineshaft and peek inside it, without the hassle.

Technology can be good.

Here's the link:

Kudos to Redneckman for posting this.

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