Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What This Geek Is Looking Forward To This Month

December usually brings some pretty good movies to the theater, and even though I don't go to the movies half as much as I used to, there are two films that'll get me there.

I just decided recently that I want to see this. The first trailer didn't do much for me, although it looked fairly funny. It was only when I saw Jude Law as Watson calmly telling Holmes to get whatever is in Holmes' hand out of his face that I decided I've got to be a part of the hilarity. The partnership between Robert Downey, Jr., and Jude Law looks to be very amusing, and I just can't pass that up.

I haven't seen NINE on stage, but I did see 8 1/2, the film on which NINE the musical is based. Basically, it's about an Italian director--a fairly major scumbag, even though he's all cool and suave--who thinks about all the women who've impacted his life while he tries to come up with a real premise for his movie. And his movie is already in production. I can't resist all the star power of this film. Just. Can't.

What I decided I'm not looking forward to:

I know. How can this be? It's James Cameron, and he *always* pulls through. The man never fails to mix a truly touching love story with some major kick-ass action. I was really anticipating AVATAR, too, until the first trailer came out. It's those blue things. Like a lot of other geeks, I can't get over them. I hate looking at them. It could be that'll I'll change my mind; after all, I'm sure the 3-D viewing in and of itself will be spectacular. Also, Stephen Lang is in this (Did I spell that right?), and I saw him in a play once. Plus, he was in TOMBSTONE, and we all know that TOMBSTONE is one of the best movies ever.

Do you guys have anything you'll rush out to see in the theater--or *not* rush out to see?


Mardel said...

Okay - I'm going to go see..............The Princess and the Frog. Don't worry, I'm seeing it with my granddaughter. Disney fun. She is very excited about it. She is a few months short of three years now. She love all things princess. All dresses are princess dresses. She's a trip. I get her for the weekend and we're going to the movies - no matter what!

I really want to see Sherlock Holmes - this movie looks great...but I'm seeing Princess and the Frog.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Mardel, I forgot about P&F! My nieces and nephews would love that, and I have to say that I have a yen for some good ol' fashioned Disney animation, too. And I hear the music is great!
; )

Celise said...

Mardel, I'm looking forward to seeing that, too. I'm still wondering why it took so long for it to happen. I also want to see SHERLOCK HOLMES. Everything else comes out next year.