Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bitten by Books...2/22/10

I'm working on my next web site update, but I want you guys to know this one little tidbit before the newsletter actually comes out. I'll be appearing at the fantastic Bitten by Books site on February 2, 2010, about a week after the mass market reissue of BREAK OF DAWN, Vampire Babylon, Book 3, hits the shelves.

I don't have every detail ironed out yet, but we'll be offering a really big prize. You can check out some of their other release parties (one of which is still in progress, I believe!) to see what kind of things authors are offering.

No small potatoes here, you guys.

It'd be great if you all could visit for the release party on 2/22. It's officially for BREAK OF DAWN, but book 6, DEEP IN THE WOODS, comes out not long afterward on 3/2, so I'm kind of sneaking that in there, as well.

Hope to see you then!

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