Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The new contest page is up at my site

New contest time!

The mass market reissue of BREAK OF DAWN, Vampire Babylon, Book 3, will hit shelves on January 26. (The new trade release of DEEP IN THE WOODS, Book 6, will follow soon afterward, on March 2!) To mark this wonderful occasion, I’ve got a new prize package up for grabs. This month’s theme is “writers workshop,” and it includes:

* A bundle of non-fiction books, including HOW I WRITE by Janet Evanovich and Ina Yalof, BEYOND HEAVING BOSOMS by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan, and BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS: CREATING WITH ENNEAGRAMS by Laurie Schnebly

* A dainty Swarovski Crystal Memories Classics collectible called “wine set.” You can’t drink from this little decorative set, but it signifies those nights after you write all day and you need some vino (retail value $50)

* Signed mass market copies of Chris Marie Green’s NIGHT RISING (Book 1) and MIDNIGHT REIGN (Book 2) for even more fun and relaxation after your long day of study

To enter, go to my main site at www.crystal-green.com and click on the contest link. Good luck!


Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Wow, Chris, I just heard from Google that you'd mentioned my book on your blog -- how COOL to be in such a wonderful prize basket; thank you!

Laurie, hoping the winner likes enneagrams as much as all those other treats :)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Laurie! Yes--sharing your book with others is a gift for them!

I hope you're doing well. : )