Saturday, January 09, 2010

On to the Next

Bright and early this morning, I wrote the first pages (very short chapter) for my next project--the first book in a new Special Edition miniseries called Cowboy Billionaires, Inc.

It's always kind of a challenge to "switch over" to writing another genre. Going from big-time post-apocalyptic paranormal stuff to heartwarming romance is like...
Well, being in a furious storm where I get to slow down every once in a while to build a really cool snow-creature, stop to enjoy it, then run on to the next adrenaline-fueled activity, then walking into a nice warm room where I get to cuddle under a favorite blanket.

Both are rewarding in their own ways.


Mardel said...

I'm happy for you - for you to be writing this new series. And for me- to be able to read another series by you.

Life is good sometimes!

Celise said...

This is totally unrelated, but 2-HOUR CHUCK TONIGHT!!! Don't forget to watch. And even though I start school this week, I will be checking in with you to read your wonderful updates. LOL.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you, Mardel! That's so very sweet of you to say. I hope this week is going really well for you. :)

Celise--I finally watched CHUCK today. Can't wait for tonight, because I could not get ENOUGH! I don't know if I'll have the opportunity to recap CHUCK this year, but I'll keep on with SUPERNATURAL. Did you like it?