Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sleep Writing

If any of you happened to read something I Tweeted this morning, I'll clarify here.

"I scribbled this down last night after a dream: Someone called radio...misrepresenting who they they were born on headboard. HUH?"

I'll confess--not only do I occasionally sleep walk and frequently sleep talk, I guess sleep write, too. When it happens, I'm perfectly aware of it. I even think it's a normal thing to do because, lots of times, I get really good idea when I'm lazing in bed, on the edge of slumberland.

There are times, though, when I'll wake up from a weird dream and it seems very important to write down what happened. It feels *urgent,* really, and while I write, it doesn't even occur to me that what I'm scribbling will make NO FREAKIN' SENSE WHATSOEVER when I wake up.

Of course, this does provide me with frequent doses of hilarity in the morning, when I get to read that insane note to myself. As far as this one goes, I know I was having a dream about my headboard. You know how you're half awake and the things in your room take on a whole new meaning? That. Something on my headboard looked like a tiny snake, and I know this came from a movie I was watching earlier in the night. (THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW. Gee, tell me why I'd be having messed up dreams?) As for the part about someone calling and misrepresenting themselves and being born on my headboard and how this connects to a snake? Well, I'm stuck. It's probably Freudian.

And that's what my Tweet meant.

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