Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was already on Facebook, and I heard that tonight’s episode wasn’t going to be that great. I’m trying not to let that sway me. Please be good, episode!

* “I would luuuuve…to have the sex with you.” “Sam”’s nerdy, 17-year-old enthusiasm is a good start, methinks.

* Ugh—even by fast food uniform standards, this one is bad.

* A commercial is on, so now’s a good time to tell you that I saw THE HURT LOCKER this week. Fantastic. Afterward, my jaw was sore because I’d been clenching it for the entire movie. Packs a meaningful punch without being at all preachy.

* Oh, my God, Sam flexing in the mirror. Hello, Sam’s arms.

* LOL for Dean having a cow when his precious Impala gets spanked.

* So…is it a bad thing if I have one of those STAR WARS T-shirts?

* This is what happens when GATE kids get bored.

* Ew points for the blood licking!

* Hey—was that the longest running demon barf we’ve ever seen on SPN? That was some heave!

* Can’t wait for THE WEREWOLF.

* Something tells me we might see these teens again. Just a feeling.

Well, yeah. Not my favorite episode ever, but entertaining enough.
Next week: It’s a Wonderful Supernatural Life

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Celise said...

LOL. You know what's funny? My hubby made a comment about Sam's arms while he was flexing in the mirror, too. LOL. He's all, "He's got some nice arms. Got some good veins goin' on there." Yeah, I noticed the pumped-up bod when the season started. But I didn't tell him that. LOL.