Thursday, February 18, 2010

Link Day

Last year, at RWA National, I met the effervescent, talented Kasey MacKenzie. We hung out for a web promo panel, endured a fire alarm evacuation, then had a few snacks in the bar. I'm telling you her name because I think you'll know it well once her first book comes out in July. It's an urban fantasy about Furies, and I haven't read one of those so I'm *really* looking forward to it!

Here's a peek at the cover and ad:

Also, for those of you who haven't checked out the excerpt from my upcoming DEEP IN THE WOODS, Vampire Babylon, Book Six, yet, here's a link to Fresh Fiction:

Have a good one!


Mardel said...

Yesterday I followed your links around at Kasey's cover, then went to her website and was able to read an excerpt of her book. Man, Now I really want to buy it. It looks very good, very interesting and I like her writing style. Thanks for the info!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Sweet, Mardel! One for Kasey (Well, two if you count me!). We readers have to stick together. :)

Kasey Mackenzie said...

You are SO freaking sweet, Chris. =) I've never been called "effervescent" before--I kinda like it! And thank you Mardel, I'm honored!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

We're excited, Kasey! Glad you stopped by. :)